Green Party MLA calls pipeline review process flawed

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Green Party MLA calls pipeline review process flawed

The MLA for the BC Green Party is not happy with responses he is getting from Kinder Morgan in the National Energy Board Trans Mountain pipeline review hearings.

After submitting almost 500 questions as an intervenor Andrew Weaver says Kinder Morgan’s answers were unacceptable.

“Many of the questions are dismissed. Many of them are percieved as they are not relevant.”

Weaver has now applied to the NEB asking it to force the operators of the Trans Mountain pipeline to cough up answers.

“Don’t think I would have realized how flawed the process was unless I was a part of it. The proponent has no obligation to actually respond to a question. We can put a question in. They can provide an answer. That is it unless we put in a formal motion asking the NEB insist that they do respond.”

He says the NEB has the power to compell Kinder Morgan to respond, the question is will they act.

Weaver says the process is unsound.

“Somebody somewhere is going to point out this process is flawed and will take this to court. I can see that happening because as somebody participating in it, it is very very clear to me that the process is flawed. You should have the ability as an intervenor t have cross examination. It is critical because that is where you can probe the responses as opposed to just trust us.”

Out of over 2000 intervenor applications only 400 were granted by the National Energy Board




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  1. 500 questions!!! Is this guy serious? Ane he expects KM to answer every one! This guy is an obstructionist!!! This pipeline is needed – let’s get on with the construction and assign Weaver to the comic books!!!!!

  2. “The MLA for the BC Green Party is not happy with responses he is getting from Kinder Morgan”

    Really . . . the always open and forthcoming Professor of Komputer Forecasting from U Vic wants answers?
    I remember back in the day . . . . when I wrote to the then IPCC Komputer Modeller asking for the Provable Science behind his dire komputer predictions for humanity. I got nothing but static and double-talk . . . and of course as the decades passed we not know that his Komputer Modelling was supported by fraudulent data from East Anglia CRU.

    So my question to Mr. Weaver . . . how would a purveyor of fraudulent processes, now want to sit in judgement of any processes?
    Especially something he knows little or nothing about.
    The Watermelon Party . . . green on the outside, red on the inside . . .