UPDATED: Maximum speed limit in BC has gone up

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UPDATED: Maximum speed limit in BC has gone up

The maximum speed limit in British Columbia has been raised to 120 kilometres per hour.

Transportation Minister Todd Stone says a review has determined it is safe for drivers to travel faster along many roads.

“Speed limit changes will take place to approximately 13-hundred kilometres of rural provincial highways in the southern Interior, Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island.”

Stone says, by the end of the summer, police should have more power to ticket so-called “left-lane hogs.”

“We’re going to bring forward changes to the Motor Vehicle Act to give police better tools to enforce the requirements to keep right, except to pass.”

No speed limits are being reduced, but other changes involve better warning signs about wildlife and new rules for the use of winter tires.

The head of the BC Trucking Association says most  companies will not be changing their speed limit policies for their fleets.

Louise Yako says they need to ensure safety and fuel efficiency, so other drivers will have to be cautious around commercial vehicles.

She adds a previous survey of members showed no interest in increased speed limits.

Ian Tootill with Sense BC, a group lobbying for drivers who wanted speed limits raised, says more work needs to be done.

“There’s specific areas in BC where the speed limits make absolutely no sense at all and it turns out there are legacy issues involved for the Ministry and they have to abide by some of the needs of some of the elected representatives of the area and that’s just not right.”

Tootill says he’s pleased more will be done to ensure drivers keep right, except to pass.


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          • Yeah, I’m a right laner, absolutely hate the twits who refuse to move over. I find the Coq is ok for that, it’s the Lower Mainland that has the left lane hogs. Every morning between Abby & Langley there’s at least 2 or 3 drivers who set up shop in the left lane and absolutely refuse to move over. And in that stretch, if you’re not going 120, you’re a turtle.

          • On Hiway 1 around Vancouver past Surrey during morning and evening rush hour you’re lucky to move 60km/h at times. The exception are people who think they’re VIPs and with just the driver in the car use the HOV lane. Ticketing the could pay for an additional lane each way or reduction of tolls on Port Mann Bridge

      • Educate yourself please…

        Cars,trucks,suv’s get better mileage on the highway going faster than slower…

        Notice City mpg is lower than highway mpg..meaning you save gas going faster than slower..Better gas mileage going fast..

        Mine has a 8 speed automatic at 140 km/h I get better gas mileage than doing 110 km/h…and slower..

        The only reason the speed limit was lowered in the 70′s was the fake energy crisis.

        .And years ago cars had 2 speed and 3 speed transmissions and rare 4 speed standards.So after 60 mph they drastically reduced gas mileage..today with 5,6,7,8,9 speed automatics cars/trucks get better gas mileage going faster than ever before..

        Like I said my car gets better at 140 k than 100 k due to the lower transmission gearing at higher speeds,and more gears.

        Furthermore,the majority of people who have rrsp’s ect are invested in oil companies,your point is useless..Yes,even left wing greenies have stock/bonds/rrsp’s that invest in oil,even if they don’t know it…

  1. Why is this comments section now telling its commenters and readers
    “slow down you are going too fast?
    What ever happened to the commenter/reader of CKNW internet news wishing to submit a personnel opinion,and is now being told by the CKNW section monitor that the individual are making their comment too fast so “slow down”

  2. “Keep right except to pass” should be the law!

    The other law that should be enacted is the ALL Transport trucks should be designated to the driving lane only.

    How may times have you seen one slow-moving transport truck on a highway attempting to pass and even slower moving truck holding up a very large lineup of traffic and both travelling well under the speed limit?

    ALL trucks should be confined to the driving lane. If the lead truck is too slow, that truck should be required to pull over and allow the faster trucks behind to pass.

  3. How about raising the ridiculously low 80km/hr speed limit on highways in Vancouver. Nobody ever drives that speed anyways. Most people drive at 105-115km/hr. If you drive at 120km/hr to pass someone and get caught, you get your car impounded for a week. So dumb when everyone is doing it.

  4. I think the health care budget is way too high. Why not eliminate all speed limits. Fewer maimings = more fatalities. Fatalities are cheaper to deal with. Just $100 for a backhoe.

    • Ever been to Germany Jay? On much of the Autobahn there are NO speed limits.
      Why are not all Germans in the hospital or dead? Using your faulty logic that would be the case . . . yes ?
      I have driven several times on the Autobahn, thousands of Kms and had many people passing my rental car . . . some were going way past of 130 Miles Per Hour or 200 kms +.
      But the reality is Jay . . . an accident on the Autobahn is RARE . . . drove from Amsterdam to Stockholm few years back, kind of like driving from White Rock to Winnipeg . . . but saw only ONE Accident, a driver fell asleep near Stockholm and left the road, it was a single car incident.
      No question most Germans are better drivers than the average Canuck, but Jay if you learn to use your rear view mirrors and just stay in the slow lane . . . all will be well.

  5. Well, it does seem a little odd. The government with taxes at the pump set to reduce fuel consumption is now the government encouraging more drivers to drive faster and burn even more fuel. Oh I get it, and then they get more tax revenue. I guess if you are putting families first you got to let folks put the pedal to the metal to get home fasterrrrrr.

  6. This is one of the most stupid ideas this Govt. has come up with!! There are three specific areas that the speed limit is too fast now!! Parts of the Sea to Sky, TCH #1 between Chilliwack and Hope, and the Coq. #5 – Hope to the rest area (old toll booth).
    These three areas should have their speed limit reduced by at least 10 KPH. If the engineers who had designed these highways had built the banking on curves correctly to have the higher speed safely driven than there wouldn’t be the problems there are now.
    There are too many idiots out there now who drive 25% over the posted limit…. don’t allow them to go even faster.
    Excessive speed penalties should be double what they are now PLUS the vehicle confiscated for a min. of 7 days for the first offense and doubled each offense after. Excessive speed should be pegged at 20%

    • Just out of touch man ! ! !
      Cars today handle and stop better than ever before. Even many economy models handle and stop as well as performance cars did 25 years ago.
      10 kmh is only 6 mph . . . completely irrelevant.
      Granted some of the folks are unsafe at any speed . . . and often these are the same folks that like to camp out in the left lane, driving below the posted limit and refusing to move. This causes numerous problems as traffic piles up behind them and attempts to get past the slugs.
      Any of you luddites that don’t want to draw attention to your incompetence behind the wheel just stay in the RIGHT Lane and let the traffic flow. Smooth flowing traffic is much safer for all . . .