Richmond RCMP worried about drones near YVR’s north runway

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Richmond RCMP worried about drones near YVR's north runway

Richmond RCMP are trying to track down the owner of a drone who flew it far too close to a runway at Vancouver International Airport on Monday.

Sergeant Kam Kowalski says it happened at Iona Beach near the final approach for the north runway.

“It was zipping around, I don’t know whether it was filming with a Go-Pro camera or not, we’re not quite sure, we’re unable to track the individual down. But obviously in that proximity to the airport, it’s very concerning, it’s very dangerous for aircraft coming in.”

He says this is extremely dangerous for the landing jets and these drones can now fly as high as 6000-feet.

“You can operate them from a computer. They are very accurate in what they do and where they hover. But again, we don’t know that they’re there so if we don’t know that they’re there, the aircraft don’t know they’re there so it’s going to be an education thing for the public to say, “Please don’t do this”, or else there will be consequences.”

He says they have some leads and a YouTube video to investigate.