Decision day tomorrow for summer school

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Tomorrow is decision day for many school districts like Vancouver and Surrey on whether or not to proceed with summer school, as the teachers strike continues.

A handful of school districts have already cancelled summer classes.

In a notice to parents, Abbotsford superintendent Kevin Godden says courses deemed essential by the Labour Relations Board can be accessed on an online learning website, but all other classes are scrubbed.

Chilliwack, Campbell River, Prince George and Williams Lake have also posted notices on their websites indicating no summer school.

Yesterday the BCTF refused all comment on contract talks, while the Education Ministry said “exploratory talks” were being held.


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  1. It is strange-very strange that the government has made no announcement to withdraw the signing bonus when the June 30 deadline has passed. Such an announcement would have certainly received much support from those opposed to a signing bonus offer in the first place.

    The LRB ruled that remedial summer school was essential for those students who were unable to retake the “failed” courses in the next school year.

    It seems school districts are unable to find students who qualify for essential remedial summer courses as laid out by the LRB-or principals and others with valid teaching certificates are unwilling to give up their summer vacation.

    Besides to meet the LRB criteria, an F student must die or move out of the province before school resumes in September.

    Little wonder why many school districts are cancelling summer school-pending further clarification from the LRB.

    • Teachers have just come off three years of zero. The first two were legislated when the government imposed a contract. This last year was just because there was no contract – the last expired in July of 2013. So, when the government offers a $1,200 signing bonus it comes with a 0% increase in the first year of that contract (which was this last school year). So, the signing bonus was instead of a raise in the first year of the contract.

    • And actually it is really, really good that both sides seem to have stopped yelling at each other through the media – it might mean they are actually at least pretending to talk.

  2. The government wanted summer school to be an essential service. Now that it isn’t convenient (administrators have to teach it themselves) we find that summer school isn’t happening. Is it an essential service or not? It would appear, again, that the government wants it both ways. They’ve grown very quiet now that many school districts are cancelling summer school. Where’s the outcry from the minister? I guess he only wants to screw teachers. He tells everyone that final exams will happen. They do but we find out (last minute) that they’ll be multiple choice. The government tells everyone that they will receive report cards. They do but most aren’t done by teachers. Some of them are “adjusted” so students who have only 40% still receive a passing grade!? Again, what the minister says will happen doesn’t. And now the summer school fiasco. Such incredible leadership by the minister and the now invisible premier. What shameful leadership we have.