BREAKING: Summer school cancelled in Vancouver

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BREAKING: Summer school cancelled in Vancouver

Vancouver School Board has cancelled summer school in light of the impasse between the teachers union and the province.

The District calls the decision disappointing.

The Vancouver School Board says after reviewing the Labour Relations Board ruling it has determined none of its students meet the criteria layed out by the board.

Summer school is also cancelled  in Langley, North Van district, Burnaby and Maple Ridge.

Surrey will announce tomorrow.



      • Yes them too no doubt. Government and crown corp work as much or as little as they want and what ever gets done gets done and what ever doesn’t well doesn’t and that’s how they row.

      • Care to backup what you say? How is it not a gravy train. Look at what the BCTF are demanding for their seasonal members. $3000 massage therapy, $5000 signing bonus to name a couple. Salaries aside it’s the gravy train benefits that are killing any hope of a deal. Most people get a great west life extended health and dental which costs maybe $150 – $250 / month so 2 – 4k / year. Teachers require 15 – 20k benefits of year which is the gravy train level. I’m not sure what to tell you it is what it is which is a Gravy train plain and simple. Then they go in to the additional days off so the point where there would literally be less school days then days off. I know I know it’s all for the kids of course !

        • At first, I just thought you were just jealous of the teaching profession, but I actually think you have a personal vendetta against one.

          BTW your facts are all wrong because my brother is a teacher, I saw his pay check and he pays for all the so called benefits you speak of including: Medical, Dental, Pension, Life insurance, Long term disability etc., Only some workers in the private sector get their full benefits paid for by the company (including medical, dental, pension etc.) I know this for a fact and that’s the true gravy train.

          • Lol no personal vendetta but thanks for not assuming anything. Again please avoid negative assumptions. I only point out non bias facts powered by knowledge. BTW benefits are partly or fully paid by the employer as a taxable benefit but the employee does not pay 100% for it. Otherwise obviously you’d simply shop around and buy your own benefits like a contractor.

  1. The gravy train has gone on too long but for who……….the government or the teachers.

    This whole thing is BS……..Both these clowns should be sent to the time out corner.

    Having gone through these disruptions with my daughter and now with my granddaughter I have lost faith in both the government and the teachers.

    I drove my granddaughter to elementary school and watched teachers arrive 15 to 20 min before classes started and found those same teachers gone by 3:45pm. ( Usually the younger ones ) The old timers were always there between 4 and 4:30 pm and sometimes even as late as 5pm.

    When she hit high school, things changed.

    Due to my work etc along with being a single grandparent raising a teenager, I lost track. Call me a bad parent, whatever, it is what it is.

    During this time, only 3 teachers had the courtesy to call me to let me know that there was a problem. Once advised of the issues, steps were taken by both administration, councilors and myself to address the problem, but where were the others teachers.

    Then we have a provincial government that basically ripped up a legal & binding contract. Seems typical of any government, we lose so let’s change the rules.

    Kiddos on the teachers for standing up on this one.

    Cristy is a failure. She is a child of a former premier and doomed to repeat the same mistakes.

    Personal Note:
    Being from back east (ONT) I used to admirer this province…………..well 20 years later I find it to be a joke.

    This province has nothing to offer other a high cost of living and some moderate weather.

    My advice to the youth of this province is get out while the get-tin is good, or it will suck you dry………………………..

  2. All Public School teaching in BC should be considered essential service. It is law that children have to go to school so the school has to be there for them. The demands of the BCTF and the Lieberals are totally out of line. EVERY labor contract in BC should have the final year as compulsory negotiations and if it is not resolved at two weeks prior to end of contract than the Dept of Labor will appoint an arbitrator who will have two weeks to make a compulsory decision and it will be binding amongst all.

    • You would think but for reasons unknown public school is not an essential service. Teachers need the right to strike in order to maintain the status quo. AKA gravy train.