BCTF says picket lines will remain up all summer

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BCTF says picket lines will remain up all summer

Two days past the deadline for a deal the BC Teachers Federation says pickets will continue over the summer.

A spokesperson for the union says picket lines will have to be maintained at summer school sites and locals will run their picket lines at other sites in a fashion that works for them.

Many decisions have yet to be announced regarding whether summer school, under the essential services ruling of the Labour Relations Board, will go ahead on or not.

Most announcements expected today or tomorrow.


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  1. The essential services summer school isn’t happening now that administrators have to do the work. So much for essential services minister Factbender. And now the union expects teachers to picket during their summer holidays?! Teachers have already given up between 3-$5,000 in wages to support the strike and for what? More strike time during their holidays? This is money and time that they won’t be getting back. So now instead of resting, retooling for next year the nonsense continues. Still no sign from the shameful leadership that created this whole mess. Way to go Christy.

    • Resting? I thought teachers either had to normally work all summer just to make ends meet or spent the whole time studying hard to prepare for the next school year.

      • Only in the first year or two but once the routine foundation is down, there isn’t nearly as much prep required to teach in the following season. Many teachers have called in saying look I don’t agree with the union, happy with my 80K + 20k benefits, and I’ve never had any problems with class size and composition. I’ve had trouble with students trying to cheat on tests but that’s another issue entirely.

  2. OMG. Just legislate them back to work already. It is obvious that Trixy Clark has a vested personal interest in laying the boots to the BCTF as long as she can; but enough already.
    Factbender keeps saying that they want a negotiated settlement and that they won’t legislate, but every second thing that guy has said, has been said to deceive the public.
    And Mullet Man has totally lost touch with his members after he begged them to vote “YES” to escalating job action, making it sound more like he just needed a loaded gun for negotiating rather than actually needing to fire it. How broke and demoralized are teachers going to be by the end of September. Teacher haters like that idea, but having beat-down, demoralized teachers coming back to their classrooms at the end of September will really suck for the students in the public education system.
    So just legislate them back to work right now, not three weeks into September.
    Kids, parents and teachers need to know that school will be back on at the start of September. Teachers will be holding hard feelings if they are legislated back, but they will be even more peeved off if Trixy sits back and lets them strike for another couple weeks into September for her own personal pleasure. And students and parents aren’t going to be happy starting school at the end of September. Teachers care about kids, but the BCTF Execs and this government don’t !
    Christy, come out of hiding and show some leadership!
    Come out, come out wherever you are!

  3. I agree that at this point legislation back to work is a good option. Not just legislate and walk away but do it and in the background continue talks as needed. Parents need to know their kids will have school this September. Many teachers have called in to CKNW voicing their concerns about the union. For example just this morning two more techers including a math teacher who taught for 37 years called in and said they were happy with their pay, benefits and salaries and agree the union should stay out of political issues like opposing resource projects which would ironically help their cause if they went through. The math teacher specifically said he makes 80k / year + 20k (benefits) never had any problems with his classes except some students who tried to cheat, and has no issues with the holidays and pension. Other teachers say the same thing and it make sense.

    • $20k of benefit is probably exaggerated. More like $10k of medical/dental insurance. If you work for a private firm, you will get medical/dental coverage anyways. These runs about $10-15k usually as well annually. Teachers are not the only one getting these benefits, just saying. Most BC employees do have the same benefits if you aren’t a lazy bum and are in the workforce. So bringing up benefits is a moot point.

      • Yes in the private sector we have benefits (extended health and dental). This is often a Great West Life, Blue Cross, or Manulife plans which are typically say $150 – $300 / month so not more then 2 – 4k. With that you get say 80 – 90% dental paid, $500 / year on each extended health service like Chiro, massage, acupuncture, etc.. eye and drug prescription. Teacher’s benefits go well beyond this to the fat gravy stage of 15 – 20k / year just for the benefits alone. I’m assuming such an extended health plan that includes $3000 on massage therapy would be quite high. This is part of the reason why the government and the BCTF are unable to reach a deal. Not Salaries as that’s close.

        • The premium for such a plan isn’t going to add up to $15-20k. From what I can remember from my wife’s paycheque summary, it’s about $300-400 with MSP, dental and medical provided by Bluecross. I can even scan you a printout. That equates to something like $5000 in benefits, unlike the $15-20k you have mentioned. It’s also something like 10-15% more than more plan at work which has really coverage. Having more coverage doesn’t always equate to exponential increase in premium unfortunately. Blame the employers for cheaping out like $30 a month per employee.

          • I don’t know how the 15-20k is broken down for the benefits package. I only go by what Teachers say they get when they call in to CKNW. Perhaps that includes not just the Blue cross extended health / dental but also the portion of pension, life / disability / critical illness insurance that tax payers cover. In any case it’s not a bad gig.

  4. Consider this
    Teachers work 180 days a year the average salary is 74k. They put in 5 12 hrs classroom time a day. That works out to $74.73 per hr not including benefits. ( not too bad )
    Why are they walking around with cardboard on their back ?

      • From what I remember from school, your perception of teachers doing 5.5 hrs might be correct. But my wife is a teacher, but I can’t seem to make her do less than 10 hours of work a day plus weekend hours with all the marking and planning she has to do.

        If you find an English/Social Studies job that only requires 5.5 hrs of work a day, would love to know and I will send her there, so I don’t have to hear about how tough her job is on a daily basis.

        • It’s really up to the teacher to do as much or as little as possible. It sounds like your wife takes pride in her work and goes the distance which is good for the students. Some Teachers simply reuse the same power points each year, scantron all the tests, and home every day at 3:30pm for Netflix. Because performance is not an issue only seniority, the auto raises come in and the good times row.

          • Regardless whether it’s the teaching profession or not. There are coasters. I for one have only worked in the private sector and I have worked with people who are grossly incompetent to the point where I cannot trust to delegate the work to them.

            Yes I get that in a union environment it’s hard to get rid of the rotten apples but it’s also just as hard in the private sector. There are always people who are all talk and do the bare minimal to get by but yet be able to stick around.

            So sorry no… a few rotten apples don’t define the whole general group. There are actually way more hard working teachers than you think.

          • Kevin, I don’t know what private firms you worked in unless they are unionized? Otherwise in the private sector if you don’t preform you don’t last long. A private firm needs to be efficient and make profit, in other words do more with less. Whereas in the public sector it’s the opposite, if you don’t spend then you get less next time, meaning you are rewarded for spending and hiring more and growing your department.