Golden Ears bridge tolls headed up, again

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Golden Ears bridge tolls headed up, again

Fraser Valley commuters should prepare for increased toll rates on the Golden Ears Bridge.

Translink says tolls will rise 1.5% as of July 15th to match the rate of inflation, bringing the average pay as you go fare from $4.25, to $4.30 per trip.

Pitt Meadows mayor Deb Walters says all Lower Mainland bridges should be tolled, but at a lower rate.

“I think the idea is we want to encourage people to use it, and by raising the tolls, it just forces people to look for alternate routes.”

Walters says the ever increasing toll is bad news for commuters.

“I would think that they should be looking at other ways for sure, this is just this year, and then next year, it’s a compounded charge that our riders are going to have to pay.”

Walters says Fraser Valley residents unfairly bear the brunt of costs for tolled crossings.

“People move out here because its a little more affordable to live, however transportation to get into work is very expensive, whether its the West Coast Express, whether its tolls on a bridge, and you know we are all part of a region, and we all pay in to it, and I think that was one of the things that the mayors vision saw when we put together the entire plan, is that we have to make it fair for the entire region.”

The bridge isn’t a money maker, with a shortfall of 35 to 40 million dollars a year.


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    • “Translink says tolls will rise 1.5% as of July 15th to match the rate of inflation”

      Learn to read. It’s easy. TRANSLINK increased the tolls. NOT the BC Liberals. You will try to blame them again, but this is a TRANSLINK deal!

    • So you can guarantee that there will be a 1000% increase for dropping the price down to just a $1. In order to make gains of a 15% decrease you need to increase your customer base by 25%. So, how will we get a 1000% increase based off your very poor and ignorant math. You people are the worst. Did you get a philosophy degree like another one with poor insight?

      • No stupid, as your name should imply… it’s common sense. As has been proven by the decrease of traffic on the Port Mann, they had more cars when the toll was only $1.50, now that it’s $3, traffic has decreased. If you drop the cost of the GEB tolls, the number of cars will increase. I know that I’d use it more often if it were only $1 each way. And I’m not saying it will go up by that exact number, I’m making a point, unlike your stupid comment.

        • Now you’re backtracking. You had no facts to back up your claim and now you’re trying to protect your assertion. Why even throw in $1 as a price and claim at 1000% increase and then start talking about the Port Mann doubling it’s price. You made a weak stupid analogy and a weak stupid proposal and that’s how I treated it. For you, common sense is just not common.

  1. This great bridge is costing the tax payers, us, 35 to 40 million a year?

    I remember when the grand poo bah to England and his then puppet highways minister kevie falcon stood and faced the cameras with phony smiles on their faces telling the sheep how good the bridge would be and that it wouldn’t cost the tax payers a cent.

    kevie stood their bobing his head up and down, more than a lady of the night would at a lumber camp, every time the poo bah flapped his gums.

    Yet another time the brightest and the best have proven they aren’t. YA NO!

    • Good comment
      BC taxpayers frequently forget the actions of Gordon Campbell and the Lie berals
      just like Misty Christy on ‘open gov’t.’ and no closed door promises now forever FOI apps.
      “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.”


    • “it wouldn’t cost the tax payers a cent.”
      That why it is a TOLL Bridge silly !

      You seem stuck in the past . . . do you really believe that an NDP govt would be any better? All over the world Socialist regimes are failing miserably . . . here in Canada the NDP province of Manitoba just went through another Round of Tax Increases. The now Socialist province of Ontario has had their Credit Downgraded AGAIN . . . as the incompetent govt attempts to put together a budget they are drowning in debt. Ontario used to be the economic engine of Canada . . . today it is a Have Not Province.
      You lefties never cease to amaze me . . . always willing to try their failed philosophy ONE More Time . . . it just might work this time . . . LOL

  2. So the ‘best and the brightest’ want the tolls to keep up with inflation but not for people who actually work for a living. best and the brightest want people with jobs to take %15 wage cuts while they get millions and millions from us.
    that is Bizarro World.

  3. Lowering the toll to $1.00 would certainly increase traffic to the bridge. But would it increase the traffic 5-fold to make up for the loss and then some?

    The tolls should be spread around to ALL bridges that span ANY water to help pay for the current toll bridges. i.e.: Port Mann and Golden Ears – and soon the Massey bridge which will be tolled.

    Treo and Quick Pass should be combined as one Tolling entity – There should be savings there.

    IF any tolls are to be placed on any bridges perhaps following a toll HWY model such as the privately owned HWY 407 north of Toronto. The tolls on this very empty HWY are .25 per KM at peak periods (rush hour). There are many bridges along the entire length of this HWY as well. It is not just a HWY across flat land! With that example the GEB and PM tolls should be FAR less that what they are currently set at. Neither bridge is 16 kms + long to justify paying $4.25!!!

    Tolls are a cash grab at $4.25.

    $1.00 is more than fair.

    It must be bonus time at TransLink.

  4. Losing 30 to 40 million a year so in Translink’s infinite wisdom the raise rates due to inflation.
    I think we all could use a raise due to inflation.
    Think of this when a politician tells you we have to pay top dollar to get the brightest and best people or in reality , their friends.

  5. Um let me see! The number of bridge users is not what the Lieberals anticipated and it’s a money loser at the toll cost now! So in order to make more money they up the tolls instead of reducing them to attract more users! Yep that makes perfect sense! Common sense just doesn’t apply!

  6. As I have said before and will again we have the stupidest people making decisions again and again. the BC LIE berals and Translink are showing their dumbest again.

  7. As traffic volumes indiacate building the Golden Ears bridge was NOT a priority item, was it according to traffic volumes even before the bridge was built.

    Now because of tolls volumes are falling even more the bridge authority perhaps could follow example private enterprise businesses; when business is slow, less people come to buy they DROP THE PRICES to to increase the PROFIT or at least stay in business with the increased VOLUME. It doesn’t even takes a genius to figure that out. Our greandkids having a lemonade stand could figure that out by themselves, glass of lemonade didn’t sell for $1.25 dropped price to 99 Cents. But they are under TEN years old without university dippomas or political connetions

  8. The BC Liberals love to hand over guaranteed money makers to their friends like Air care bridge tolls , run of river projects while shutting out the tax payers of BC.
    It’s too bad we couldn’t reap the benefits rather than usually American corporations.

  9. ” to match the rate of inflation” Another BOGUS excuse! Well, NOBODY ever sees wages go up with inflation! The disabled have not got a raise in their pay for over 10 years! Inflation BS is just that, BS.

    • Don’t forget elected politiciand regularly VOTE THEMSELVES PAYRAISES, part of their Entitlement to compensate for the ‘sacrifices’ they are making running for office. I’m also great beliver of (taxpayer) Santa and the Toothfairy (healthcare delivery that’s working) advertisements