Nursing home manager ordered to pay thousands for racial discrimination

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Nursing home manager ordered to pay thousands for racial discrimination

A Surrey nursing home manager has been ordered to dish out thousands of dollars for discriminating against some immigrant workers.

Marissa Jurao and Belen Gardner filed a complaint with the BC Human Rights tribunal against Cherington Place supervisor Belinda Geldenhuys alleging discrimination on the basis of race and colour.

The workers said their manager made them feel demoralized, uncomfortable and scrutinized for their Filipino descent.

Alleged remarks included “Filipinos are gossipers and I don’t know if this is a cultural thing.”

The tribunal has ordered Geldenhuys to pay the women a combined $3500 in damages.


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  1. This tribunal is the enforcement arm of political correctness. The people who make the complaint pay nothing towards the cost of doing this-this is paid for by the taxpayer. The person against whom the complaint is made must pay for their own defense. In this case, all for some very innocent remarks and in the end the settlement was $3500. They have to be joking. The normal rules of evidence do not apply, the truth is no defense, hearsay is permitted all because this is “quasi” judicial.

    These human rights agencies are a waste of taxpayer money, at a time when we hear people constantly whining about everything being underfunded. The people who work for the BCHRT make good dough and if they have time to spend on cases like this, there is a problem. To spend any time on a case where the outcome is a $3500 payment is just crazy. This matter would have gone no where in any sensible court setting.

  2. Dear readers, I know this nursing home manager and she has a heart of gold, and what she cares most about is the health and happiness of her residents under her care ! Should a caring competent manager (or any person) be fearful of losing their job when they actually have to fire someone for not doing their job? This is political correctness run amok in this country! The human rights Tribunal and political correctness in general is a sham, a shame, is counterproductive, counterintuitive and puts people on the hot seat without any reasonable ability to legally defend themselves. The person in question is extremely generous with all people of all stripes, all colors and all religions. She simply cares most about the competent care of the old people (can I say old?) who are often living in their last days slowly dying of various health issues. The families of these elderly people under medical care, truly appreciate the empathy and compassion (can I say love?) shown to their parents during their last days. If that means incompetent, uncaring (unloving?) people have to be fired – for not caring about people dying, but are more worried about their “human” rights because they were called to the carpet for possibly gossiping – that is a travesty ! When good people are threatened of losing their jobs because incompetent people demand their “human” rights as they had been embarrassed publicly for not caring and for not doing their job – that is a very sad state of affairs in Canada. Who is legally defending this poor (literally) manager for free? What can anyone do to protect ourselves when the cost of private legal defense is higher than the fines imposed by a “politically correct” (agenda biased) tribunal ? How sad for us all. I think we should all take up a collection to legally defend this manager, or ask the human rights tribunal to buzz off. If not, then we should all get used to looking over our shoulders as potential victims of vindictive “hate” lawsuits as that is the real crime happening here. IMHO. < cheers.

  3. Why are we no longer allowed free speech on our opinions? Why are only caucasions racists? We don’t have caste or class systems As far as I know we don’t have sand children or untouchables. How many others think it is just an excuse to get your own way??