More reaction from Ang Li sentence reduction

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Earlier yesterday, the Chinese appeal court revealed its decision to reduce Amanda Zhou’s killer’s sentence.

A former NW reporter met Zhou’s killer and is frustrated.

Ten years ago it was discovered missing Amanda Zhou was actually killed by her boyfriend Ang Li – leaving her body in a suitcase.

Global News reporter Ted Field covered this case when he was with CKNW. Field says before it was discovered that Li was a suspect he seemed more nervous than emotional about his missing girlfriend.

“You sort of felt throughout the change in language, because English wasn’t his first language, that something was really missing in the story.”

Field added: ”In my time he’s one of several people that has come here from China, that after say a crime of some sort, they go back to China, without being charged.”

Li’s sentence has been reduced from life to just seven years.

Field says this ruling is not surprising and that Li is one of several people that has come here from China, committed a crime, and faced minimal punishment, if any back home.


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  1. Communist China will do what ever it wants to do.
    It’s a shame the corporate world is in such a frenzy to to business with them and let the Communist gain more control over the worlds economy.
    No justice for this family.