Troubled Compass Card system under review

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Troubled Compass Card system under review

Translink says a review is underway of the troubled Compass Card system.

Translink’s Chief Operating Officer Doug Kelsey says the review with the Compass Card maker “Cubic” in San Diego started a few weeks ago and there will be an update for the public sometime next week.

Kelsey says the review focuses on the “bus mobile validators.”

“That is part of the review we’re doing with Cubic this week so until we have all those elements coming together that will be part of the update for next week.”

Kelsey says the issues around the bus validators are speed and reliability.

As for the date of rolling out Compass Card?  Kelsey can’t commit.


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  1. And when they need more funds to pay for the fixes….it won’t be user pay. Oh no. They’ll force unsuspecting drivers, who don’t take transit, to pay for it.

  2. But wait a minute , we paid top dollar for the brightest and best managers to deliver this system.
    Seems like a review of the hiring of senior managers is order and get the best instead of the most expensive people.
    Start at the top of Translink with a performance review by a panel made up of the taxpayers instead of senior managers friends .

    • Are you jealous. Think you can do it, apply for the job. Submit your resume and let them know you can do it for 25.00 an hour. Or do you just like to complain.

  3. Doesn’t it seem that any project taken on by a. Government body ( or its wholly owned subsidiaries) in the GVRD area is sure to either end up over budget or behind schedule ? Its like we are a 3rd world banana republic where nothing gets done right.
    And we pay beyond top dollar to hire the best and brightest into the government
    Something stinks here.

  4. Even if it did work, it would cause increased congestion at the turnstiles and doorways. Transit buses and Skytrains already have enough drag on their efficiency.

  5. The scanners on the bus SUCK! You can’t see them, you can’t hear them, you need to tap 50 times before it works. Just pathetic. The scanners in Japan, Hong Kong and Korea work so good you don’t even need to scan the card, it picks it up as long as you are in front of it. This junk Translink got should get a refund!

  6. Melbourne’s version of the Compass card (Myki) was also not without problems.
    From the Sydney Morning Herald April 18, 2011:
    With the government still to decide on the fate of the trouble-plagued myki ticket system, the cost of the project has already blown out by $350 million, with a current price tag of $1.35 billion to create and run the system. Some estimates put the final cost at $1.5 billion for myki.
    and The City Journal (April 2, 2013):The TTA have blamed the cost blow out from $500 million to $1.6 billion on “a lack of understanding of the complexity” of the software and the “unrealistic time frame set” of a 2007 completion date.

    The smarter jurisdictions, in my opinion, have opted for phone apps which let Visa/Mastercard handle the ticketing payments.