Surrey crash injures two including a pedestrian

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Surrey crash injures two including a pedestrian

A woman sitting at a bus stop and a pedestrian have been hurt in a crash in Surrey.

RCMP Corporal Bert Paquet says it happened at 88th Avenue and 148th Street.

“We’re still trying to confirm exactly all the details of this investigation, we are still in the early stages. We do believe a female was sitting on the bench waiting for the bus at the intersection and was hit by one of the vehicles involved in the accident following the impact between the two vehicles. There’s also reports of another pedestrian being injured.”

The woman sitting at the bus stop is in serious condition.

Paquet says investigators are still trying to figure out what happened.

“Still trying to establish the actions of both drivers as well as all the contributing factors to this accident and definitely something we don’t like attending but we certainly have seasoned investigators looking into establishing the factors of this accident as we continue to investigate.”

Back in February an elderly man was also hit waiting at a bus stop in Surrey after a crash at 120th and 75th.


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  1. That intersection is notorious for high-speed collisions and near misses. Not only is 88 Ave. generally seen as a freeway, but westbound vehicles (morning rush) are on a long downgrade towards 148 St, reducing their ability to stop for the light, especially when speeding.

    The heavier the truck, the worse it is. I’ve seen many, many semis blow through a stale red with horns blasting … like they couldn’t see the intersection coming from two blocks away.

    After getting the green north or south on 148, I take two looks left and right before cautiously moving forward. People behind me hate it, but guess what? I couldn’t care less. I don’t want to die or have my body mangled.

    Imagine minding your own business at a bus stop and having your entire life destroyed because some fool couldn’t obey a speed limit or stop on a red. Disgusting.