Lack Could Use Calming Influence

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Lack Could Use Calming Influence

Well, if you are going to try to sell Ryan Miller on the benefits of playing in Vancouver the Canucks picked a pretty great day to present to Miller and his wife.

Just make sure you tell them it’s always sunny like this here, especially in November and December.

But if the great weather on their visit doesn’t sell them maybe a chance to play 60 games will.

The Canucks need someone to mentor Eddie Lack, in a positive way, after Lack spent past year :

(a) playing behind a goalie who didnt want to be here.

(b) being force fed an uncomfortable start in the Heritage Game with Luongo simmering on the bench.

(c) getting thrown into the starters role after the guy who didn’t want to be here was finally dealt.

(d) having a front row seat to the ‘Best of Barnum and Bailey’, otherwise known as the ‘Freak Show’ John Tortorella threw out there every night.

Lack could use a steadying influence. Ryan Miller could be the guy.

Lets hope the weather holds for the rest of his stay.


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  1. I find it hard to read things like this because Vancouver certainly does not have any sort of lock on “good weather”. Anyone not flunking high school could tell you that many thousands of other areas receive better weather than Vancouver does, and of course what one sports reporter dubs ‘good weather” is open to interpretation by every single reader/listener out there.

  2. After having lived most of my adult life in worldly places other than Vancouver …. Let me be the first to tell you that this is one of the nicest places in the world to live.. Despite Mayor Moonbeams attempts to ruin it for most of us !