Fair Elections Act to be challenged in court

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Fair Elections Act to be challenged in court

The Conservative government’s ‘Fair Elections Act’ will be challenged in Ontario Superior court by the Council of Canadians and the Canadian Federation of Students.

Lawyer Steven Shrybman will represent them.

Shrybman says the Act violates the Charter rights of Canadians.

“In our view the Canada Elections Act, particularily in the way the Conservative government has reformed it, created new impediments for Canadians. Some of whom like students, and the elderly, and First Nations were already having some difficulty satisfying the requirements of the Act.”

He says his clients also have concerns about fraud but not what he calls the “bogus” concerns of the government but rather to do with robo-calls.

“Misleading, or deceptive, or harassing calls that are placed in large numbers on behalf of a political party in order to discourage there opponents supporters from getting to the polls. The Conservative government has amended the Act in a way that makes it far harder to detect and for Canadians to learn about and that also is breach of the Charter in our view.”

While Shrybman already anticipates an appeal he is hopeful the court can nullify the Act before the 2015 federal election.


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  1. Shrybman is a few bricks short . . . . having a person prove he is a citizen to vote in a Canadian election is against the Charter of Rights . . . that is patently insane !

    No one can function in Canada today without personal ID . . . NO one ! ! !

    Shrybman is just another dysfunctional far-lefty who should be more concerned about the Disaster that is Ontario, as credit is downgraded, the debt and disfunction grow.

    • You see what you’re missing here is if a person or persons staying at a campus/collage or a person that is now a resident of a seniors home that does have the address of said campus/collage or address of said seniors home on their personal ID make both people ineligible to vote under the so called fair Elections act. Here educate yourself just to what they’re taking away before you start looking like you’re a brick short of a load look at option3

      • Absolute NONSENSE Tony . . . when you move into a seniors home you change your address . . . my mother did this as did most of her friends living in a seniors home. It’s only complicated for the far-left Tony?
        You and your socialist friends are just making stuff up . . . talking about bricks . . . why is socialism such a dismal failure all over the world Tony?

    • Yea…let me go to the bank and ask to take cash out from Joe Q Public without ID and see how it goes. I will then go vote in the BCTF election without my ID and see how it goes. Then I will drive my car and get pulled over without ID and see how it goes. MORONS!