Benches for the homeless in Vancouver get international recognition

Vancouver, BC, Canada / (CKNW AM) AM980

Benches for the homeless in Vancouver are making headlines across the Atlantic in papers — like the Guardian and the Independent — even though they aren’t even on the streets here any more.

The benches that could shelter someone from rain with the flip of a board were the brain child of a Vancouver based advertising agency done in partnership with Rain City Housing.

Bill Briscoll with the non-profit housing group says the benches were only in place for a few months last fall and went virutally unnoticed locally,

“They received a lot of accolades in the design community and, in fact, on Twitter there was, it was a whole bunch of retweets by design companies that really thought it was a great idea.”

Now Briscoll says, with the articles running in papers overseas he’s getting calls from people in Victoria, Calgary and Edmonton.

He says there are no plans to put them back on Vancouver streets.

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