Bed bug infestation being investigated

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Bed bug infestation being investigated

A Vancouver man, who admits he has nowhere else to go, is hoping his home will be condemned by city staff.

“This building should be shut down because they’re never going to get rid of the bed bug infestation.”

Henry Wilson says, when he moved to an apartment in the 800-block of East 6th Avenue four months ago, no one told him he’d be sharing it with mice and other pests.

“I’ve already lost my couch which was basically 60 years old, so it’s an antique. I have bites all over my back, burning and itching. I don’t have anywhere to go and I don’t have any money to move right now. It’s either that or go out onto the streets.”

Carli Edwards with the City of Vancouver has confirmed Wilson’s complaint is under investigation.

“We’re going to be doing an inspection of the suite, but also all the common areas of the building and we’ll be checking for bed bugs, but also other standards of maintenance items.”

The complex is listed on the bed bug registry.

The owners of the complex -Moreno and Giovanni Zen – have not returned calls from CKNW.           

Meanwhile, the senior environmental health officer with the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, Shelley Beaudet, says the fix is NOT easy.

“The more infestations that occur within a building, the more you have to treat it as a whole building and get absolutely everybody on board in making sure that they don’t have bed bugs.”

Building managers have also complained about problem tenants –including hoarders– who refuse to let inspectors and pest control into their homes.


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  1. The City should ishue an order to have thr Whole Complex Fume agated , and the owners fined for being jerks . Heat kills bed bugs , Vacume what you can and crank up the heat , better than spraying .

  2. Vancouver has the highest rate of bed bug infestations in Canada. Property owners & landlords need to be held accountable. City Inspectors need to be diligent in their jobs. Health authorities need to investigate these problems in a determined, solution based manner. Mayor Gregor Robertson is doing a tremendous job and showing great leadership in making positive changes for Vancouver. This is certainly not his idea of addressing homelessness and affordable housing…I will follow this story to see what transpires…..I feel sorry for this man and all the families that are suffering the same detriment.