Should BC bridges have suicide barriers?

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Bridge officials in San Francisco’s have approved 76 million dollars in funding for a suicide barrier at the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.

But now, the question sits as to whether BC’s bridges should follow suit.

Delta Mayor Lois Jackson says she hadn’t heard about this development for San Francisco, but now that she has she says something should be done in B-C too.

“Well I think from my perspective, knowing that this is a possibility I’ll probably take it to our council and our police board and look at the order of magnitude.”

There hasn’t been any previous discussion on barriers for B-C’s bridges.

But Jackson says now that she knows it’s possible, she won’t be shutting down the conversation.


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  1. Well, how many people have committed suicide off local bridges in the past year ? None that I recall but I could be wrong. Doesn’t sound worth the money to me but then, Ms. Jackson isn’t spending her own money, is she.

  2. It is like these politicians are like spending robots. The minute they hear about a new way to spend, then they want to do it

    The reason they need to do it in SF is because the GG bridge is famous and iconic. I don’t think that applies to our bridges

    Now shut those robots down!