Changes affect liquor bylaws at farmers’ markets

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Changes affect liquor bylaws at farmers' markets

When a province changes its rules, Vancouver City Councillor George Affleck says the city then has to follow suit with its own bylaws.
B-C recently changed liquor regulations to allow the sale of craft spirits, beer and wine at farmers’ markets.
Affleck says there has been a large interest from vendors wanting to sell at the Vancouver farmers’ markets – so putting forth a motion was necessary.

“We need to get this done as fast as possible in order to take advantage of summer and that was the intent of my motion. Really let’s move as fast as possible in this bureaucracy to make sure the people of this city get what they want as fast as possible.”

The city of Vancouver will be putting forth a one season pilot program to allow the sale of craft liquor at their farmers’ markets effective immediately.


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  1. Since when has any member of this left wing City Council ever been in a hurry to get its citizens what they want ?

    I guess when they figure they know what us good citiens want/need ….. and when it helps their business friends ?

    Really …. who cares if they sip wine while they are buying their carrots ? Oh right ….. its all about enhacing the purchasing experience ( ie sucking more money out of your pocket !!)

    For me , the purchasing experience is enhanced when I know exacrly where everything is and I can be in and out of the store in the shortest time possible ! Don’t worry about saving a sip of wine for me , I ‘ll do that from the comfort of my own home rather than out of some plastic cup with hundreds of people jistling me !!