Police warn about uptick in home, vehicle break-ins

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Police warn about uptick in home, vehicle break-ins

Vancouver residents say they’ve had enough of thieves breaking into their homes and cars.

It’s an issue Andrea Baxter has seen in her East Vancouver neighborhood for months.

She says despite police ghost cars, things aren’t getting any better.

“It’s concerning, I mean it’s a great area. I don’t want to feel fear in my area and not be able to leave a window open or anything but it’s just sort of come to that point.”

Vancouver Police say they’ve noticed more thefts from cars as well, and remind people not to leave valuables in there.

Meanwhile, West Vancouver Police urge people to make sure their homes are locked up.

They were called to a break-and-enter on Wednesday, where a prowler got onto a second-floor balcony and entered a home through the unlocked door.


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  1. Sorry to say, but the only way to stop these scumbags are for people to come together, and catch them in the act and then serve some vigilante justice, and then hand them over to police. It’s time victims of crime stop suffering, and the actual criminals suffer!

  2. It’s not just E Van. Had a scooter stolen out of my carport Wed night in Kerisdale. Crack head has likely already stripped it and melted down for $20.00 in scrap. Your never going to stop them.