Year-round school likely to resume next week

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Hundreds of students across BC who attend year-round schools will likely be back in the classroom next week.

The BC Teachers Federation says picket lines will be lifted at five schools which operate on year-round calendars.

Langley Teachers Association President Gail Chaddock-Costello says students at Douglas Park could return to school Monday.

“If we were not to allow them to return to work in July it would mean that in addition to the 13 days, they would have an additional 9 days of pay loss. So to ensure that they are not unduly treated, or treated more harshly than any other teacher in terms of pay loss, we are trying to accommodate them, and at the same time to be equitable for students.”

Al Klassen with the Richmond Teachers’ Association says the executive decided to remove pickets from schools which operate on alternative calendars, but would teacher’s pay still be docked 10-percent?

“That’s a good question, and that’s all parts and parcel of things that need to be sorted out, we do not know that, we have similar concerns and issues.”

Deanna Lackey with the Parent Advisory Council at Kanaka Elementary in Maple Ridge says parents are relieved.

“It’s going to provide great relief for those of us with grade seven students, knowing that they will get the majority of their curriculum completed, to allow them to be in line with the other grade 7 students coming in to the same high school.”

No word if the partial lock out would be lifted for those handfuls of teachers.


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  1. It is the right move! If talks are going to go anywhere, some common sense must prevail. Iker and Fassbender need to be respectful of each other during the next days, weeks, months or whatever. Disagree if you have to, but be respectful if you wish to reach an agreement.

  2. Despite fierce opposition from the BCTF, the reality is this Government has been re-elected 4 times on the mandate to obtain a balance budget and the budget has been balanced twice and there is no way they’re going to put us in deficient to satisfy the greed of the BCTF.

    • What does class composition have to do with greed? Again, if this were simply about wages and massages, students would be in summer school next week. If you can explain to me how class composition has to do with greed, you win me over. Agreed, this item is expensive, but has little to do with greed. Education is expensive, that’s just the deal.

      • Any union has two fundamental qualities to them.

        Entitlement and inefficiency.

        To me this is what the government is trying to rid the education system of. The BCTF claims it needs X amount of $ to do this and that. Probably it could be done for half that amount.

      • I think greed is not quite the right word. I get it that the party line is “it’s for the kids” (if I hear that one more time!…) but, the TF just cannot have it all. I get it that education is expensive and money should be spent on it, but what isn’t? Believe it or not, the supply of taxpayers’ dollars is FINITE – it must also be applied to a plethora of other provincial services. And the contingency fund is just that – things such as provincial emergencies, not the TF’s personal piggy bank. Whenever I hear Iker speak it’s getting grating – he starts off with ‘we’re close on wages’, then goes on to list at least 4 other demands that cost hundreds of millions of dollars. It’s all above preserving (and growing) teacher employment and the BCTF membership numbers. BC taxpayers don’t have an appetite to up their taxes to pander to one group.