Will Benning and Canucks find trading partners?

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Will Benning and Canucks find trading partners?

The hockey world is descending upon the City of Philadelphia as we speak for the NHL Draft which begins tomorrow night.

The Vancouver Canucks have addressed their management team vacancies with Jim Benning now in command of the ship and with Willie Desjardins at the steering wheel.  But here is the 64 dollar question: Now that Mike Gillis is gone, will teams, besides Florida, be interested in dancing with the Vancouver Canucks?

How much bad blood was spilled between other management teams and the former head of Canuck-ville remains to be seen.  But with Trevor Linden held in as high of regard as he is, Jim Benning being renowned as being a career hockey man and Desjardins sterling reputation as understated and team first, you would hope that this will open some doors to make changes.

Benning will already have his game plan in place heading into the weekend, which means that he will already know who would be willing to waive their no movement clauses and who will not.

The only name on everyone’s list right now is Ryan Kesler, but I am going to give Benning a little more credit for keeping things quiet.  The one thing that we have already learned about Benning is that he doesn’t need to stroke his own ego by talking with the media on a regular basis.  He doesn’t need to drop a name to a beat reporter to see what his value is on the market; Benning already knows what he may be able to get for any player on his team.

Between re-tooling the roster and the draft, we will get a sense of where Benning will go in the next 72 hours…and don’t let the calm demeanour fool you.  Benning helped make Boston a winner because he is ruthless, he just doesn’t advertise it like others in the business need to.

Which means just one thing Canucks fans; game on.