Striking teachers in Sooke deal with a disturbing incident

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Striking teachers in Sooke deal with a disturbing incident

The Sooke Teachers Association is calling it a “disturbing” incident.

President Ian Johnson says someone left dog feces at a Colwood elementary school picket line earlier this week, and garbage strewn over the parking lot last night.

“This is somebody who clearly has some kind of grudge and doesn’t know how to express themselves very well, it’s harassing, and it’s harassment. They are attempting to harass the picketers by strewing feces and human hygiene products across the parking lot.”

However Corporal Darren Lagan with the Vancouver Island RCMP says the investigation into the incident is now closed.

“The investigating officer found nothing to suggest this was in any way targeted or directed at the teachers themselves, or the people at the school.”

Johnson says it’s a tense time, as he’s also fielded threatening phone calls related to the teachers strike.


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  1. The BCTF can’t handle the truth ! We live in a Province that has a homeless problem, limited resources, and starving Veterans. And those issues have to be concluded. Who’s gonna resolve them? You Mr. Teacher with your gravy train class and relaxed summer break? Those who run the Province have a greater responsibility than you can ever fathom, you weep for $3000 massage therapy benefits and you curse the special needs kids you teach. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what our leaders know: that those tax dollars save lives. And Christy Clark’s existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives. You don’t want the truth, because deep down, in places you don’t talk about at parties, you want her on your school board. You need her in your Teachers Federation. She uses words like Assets, liabilities, Gross regional product, industry project timelines and she uses those words as the backbone to a life spend providing resources and job opportunities to our Province including Education. You use them as a punch line. She has neither the time nor the inclination to explain her budget to a teacher who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very job she provides, then questions the manner in which she provided it ! She would rather you just say thank you and went on your way and I don’t blame her. Otherwise, I suggest you pickup a balance statement and find where the money is suppose to come from to support your gravy train. Either way, she doesn’t give a damn what you think you’re entitled to !

    • Well, I believe in the future, the teacher, the student, the funding of the things that are important, standing up for those who can’t advocate for themselves, high standards, good support for special needs students, that the words of Peter Factbender are self-indulgent, insincere crap. I believe Christy Clark has acted on behalf of private education and private industry. I believe there oughta be a legislative amendment guaranteeing every student the resources that they need to succeed. I believe in the struggle, the need to stand up for what is right, living in the present but not forgetting that the future matters too. And I believe that if it takes long, slow teacher strike that last three months to get the government to end 12 years of cannibalizing the education system then…bring it. Good-night.

    • Drinking the liberal Kool-Aid are we? Christy and Factbender have you brain washed!

      The only ones on the “gravy train” are the politicians who somehow always seem to vote themselves a raise and have the best pension plan in the country.

      Don’t you see that politicians are ass kissing the big corporations so they can land a nice cushy job when their political careers are over. They don’t care about Joe public, the middle-class or public education.

      • I understand that anybody who doesn’t agree with you is obviously in your mind drinking the liberal kool-aid as you put it. Reality is a small percentage of our population (BCTF) has been allowed to pull of us down for their own greed. Looking for the BCTF actual demands, not just class size and composition and salary, I’m talking about the higher health benefits including $3000 massage therapy, more days off then school days (add sick days, pro days, family days, just don’t want to come in hire a TOC days, etc..) $5000 bonus, etc… who is drinking the kool-aid here. Who is out of touch with reality here? If Teachers don’t think it’s them, man they’ve lived a great life so far.

    • I think the thread is about dog poop. Speaking of crap – unfortunately, I had a read of your comment. Now that I have seen the above comment, I ask you – would you put up what amounts to about three weeks salary for what you believe in? Teachers are doing that, have done that. Are you ok with MLA’s receiving massive pension payments after only five years on the job (I think you refer to it as gravy)? Are you ok with MLA’s receiving housing allowances, that go far and beyond what they need, for when they are in Victoria? How bout the lunches each and every MLA claims – even though some live less than one kilometer from the Legislature? The province picking up the tab for the lawyers hired, by you and me, to defend two fraudsters (that was four million BTW)? – you ok with that? How bout the millions and millions of dollars that our Premier, whom you believe speaks about liabilities and assets, she spends to take the BCTF to the Supreme Court of Canada? You good with that? If not, you, Sir, are a hypocrite! If this were strictly about wages – teachers would be handing out report cards and saying goodbye to the students at this very moment. Your comment is filled with gross generalizations about teachers. I cannot say enough good things about my kids’ teachers – they are putting their money where their mouths are! While I don’t idolize them the way you obviously idolize a government that conspired to make apologies to minorities in order to gain votes, I do admire them.

  2. AHH Shane .Enjoy the nice long hot summer on the picket line . So in five days the signing bonus disappears. So are you one of those teachers that commented we will show the other unions how to bargain . Yes I can see that . Remember the sun screen. The government and other unions have set the percentages .That is what you will get .So in August parents will be looking for placement . In the independent school system . As Pete McMartin in the Vancouver Sun predicted .Education is Changing rapidly due to technology . teachers as we know it will soon be redundant .We wen to Mexico last year .I asked a lot of questions .They came to a novel approach to solve funding in rural areas . Small classes with Teachers assistants . The teacher comes through on a large screen T.V. .OHH Class size ?? 700.
    OHH three months of Striking ahh yes . Then the government will legislate you back in the middle of September . The only thing you will have gained is a nice tan.Then the future yes you will then have to deal with the changes in the system .most people now have three careers in their life .Start exploring the options .

    • Went to Mexico, must be nice! Who can afford that?

      Now I get it, just the people in the private sector who can take a vacation anytime they feel like it do. Did you actually pay for it? Was it a business expense? Did your company send you? Maybe you used all the air miles you collected from your paid business trips?

      BTW Doesn’t it sound a little elitist to say that the government tells you what you get. Actually it sounds Fascist. Now that we have this awesome government that tells all the unions what percentages they get why do we even have unions at all? or even the right to bargain? Maybe we should just abolish all unions and become sheep headed zombies and obedient slaves?

      • OHH Giggle Jealousy ,Jealosy.A great many Canadians go there every year .You are assuming things .alas break that word up(Assume).Again you do not know about me so you are making things up out of ignorance.So first I did pay for it .Business was to Texas etc.Nope working on my own airmiles now.
        next it even happens in private enterprise .In our industry it was called national bargaining .

      • There goes that F word again, ad hominem attacks.
        When the gov. is your employer, you are subject to their rules. Don’t like it? Work in the private sector, but then that would mean you have to actually be accountable for your actions…….

  3. Most global rankings on top education systems, have Canada in the top 10 (higher if BC was omitted) and Mexico somewhere between 40th -50th.
    Did you really just say we should model our education system after what they are doing in MEXICO ?????
    I can’t believe anyone would think that modelling Mexico is a brilliant idea? Try checking out Finland’s education system, unfortunately, you will see that it costs a lot more than what Mexico has to offer!
    The one thing you are right about, is that rich people will pull their kids out of public education and go with private. The days of the Public Education System being the “Great Equalizer” are soon coming to an end, thanks to the Corporate Friendly Liberal Reign.
    The rich get richer, the poor get shafted.

    • Corman what a stupid comment. Spoken like a try believer in someone who thinks tax payers have a bottomless money pot. FYI an awful lot of SUCCESSFUL people come out of the public system. The rich get richer because they work harder, continue to try and better themselves, and don’t have their hand out looking for money thats not there.

        • Bullloney. A very small percent of people pay the majority of income tax. You and your bctf friends do not want to pay ANY tax, but you want to be paid by tax dollars. Your union fights against any economic development, any tax that may stimulate small business, who employ the majority of people in this province probably, next to the governments and yet you keeping demanding more, more, more. Cant have it both ways, wanting but not wanting to pay for it.

        • Total nonsense. Here are some facts for you and those that believe in the lie you are peddling:

          Top 1% of earners: Share of total federal & provincial income taxes:

          1982 = 13.4% 2010 = 21.2% a 50% increase

          The rest of us 99%….

          1982 = 87% 2010 = 79%. a 9% decrease

          These are the facts. But go ahead and keep up the good fight – why let the facts get in the way.

          • That’s because there are more millionaires (or top 1% earners) now.

            I really can’t feel sorry for anyone making over $150,000 a year, if you’re that rich I’m sure you have a good accountant who can find a nice tax shelter for you, right?

          • Hey R

            What tax breaks. Name them, do you know what you’re talking about, or are you just jealous because some people actually work hard to get ahead. But please tell us about the tax breaks. FYI they pay more based upon pay.

          • R – another ridiculous comment. We are talking PERCENTAGES here!!! It doesn’t matter what the quantity number is – the top 1% pay 21.2% of the taxes. The top 1% account for 10.6% of the wealth.

            Who is leeching off who?

            Your statement that they don’t pay their fair share is completely without merit. Just a repeated old line spewed by the left without thought to its content.

          • If you didn’t already know that its pays to own a business, you’re not the sharpest tool in the shed.

            Tax breaks for business owners include:

            Advertising (Line 8521), Allowance on eligible capital property (Line 9935), Bad debts (Line 8590), Business start-up costs, Business tax, fees, licences, dues, memberships, and subscriptions (Line 8760), Business-use-of-home expenses (Line 9945), Capital cost allowance (Line 9936)
            Current or capital expenses, Delivery, freight, and express (Line 9275), Fuel costs (except for motor vehicles) (Line 9224), Insurance (Line 8690), Interest (Line 8710), Legal, accounting, and other professional fees (Line 8860), Maintenance and repairs (Line 8960), Management and administration fees (Line 8871), Meals and entertainment (allowable part only) (Line 8523), Motor vehicle expenses, Office expenses (Line 8810). Prepaid expenses, Property taxes (Line 9180), Rent (Line 8910), Salaries, wages, and benefits (including employer’s contributions) (Line 9060), Supplies (Line 8811), Telephone and utilities (Line 9220), Travel (Line 9200)


          • Poor R he believes that the Marist Leninist model is the answer . Well this is a free enterprise system . Businesses exist to make money . they hire people who pay real taxes .
            Expenses to earn income for the companies are standard accounting practices in any capitalist country . Otherwise no company would make money .They would not exist
            Or are you only in favor of State industries . We saw that in the failed model of the soviet union

  4. Why not put the Homeless in BC Place it is only used 20 times a year what a waste of money a new roof costing millions for a place that sits empty most of the year even the Lions and Whitecaps can barely fill the lower bowl. Thanks Christy great move.

    • I would say “offended”, I would say irritated. It is quite annoying to have state a lie as if it is a fact (20 times per year – c’mon). Even more annoying is someone trumpeting a statement that they know is a lie.

        • Well TIM, you asked for it. My apologies ahead of time for making you look foolish.

          According to the 2012/13 Pavco annual report, the number of occupancy days at BC Place in fiscal 2011/12 (April 1, 2011 – March 31, 2012) was 129. Keep in mind that the stadium was closed for renovations and did not reopen until September of that year. The target for fiscal 2012/13 was 250; however, they surpassed that with 272 occupancy days. An occupancy day includes move in, move out and open to the public days.

          Just a tad more days of activity than the 20 days (later revised to 25) that you cited in your original post. But, thanks to you and R for highlighting everything that is wrong with the leftist rants (hint: not based on fact but on the emotion of the naive).

          • You looked that all up by yourself Iam impressed, why dont you join Christy Clark in your NEW STADIUM and watch SEMI PRO FOOTBALL with the rest in a half empty stadium.

  5. Hm
    So Corman I am an elitist .My children attended both private and public. How did this come about .Work! 12 to 16 hours a day .six or seven days a week .No sassy nine month of work a year for me .My post secondary education consists of technical college . We are now comfortable .Not bad for a kid from a poor Catholic family. Mexico was to prove a point . Education is and will have to adapt . Watch the kids . as they walk along texting etc . Their lives are totally involved in technology . I sit here typing . Using spell check . I remember pounding out my two thousand or five word essays on an old typewriter .Sweating blood.. Now children can get their assignments on line . submit online . No standing in line at the library for limited resources. Anyone can now get unlimited resources for research. I am talking reality .No brilliance required .As Pete McMartin said we are most likely witnessing the end of public education as we no it . Who is responsible ?? Every one . It’s because of the long term militancy of the BCTF and the responses of govt to it . No co operation. Instead of consultation for the best interest of education .We have war .Stupid catch all phrases we are doing it for the kids . How stupid do they think the public is ? It’s for the money honey .Or we are worth it .Compare pay rates for people with a BA . they work twelve months a year etc.

    • Congrats, your spell-check works. As for grammar and literacy, this needs help. Just reading your response has won me over; your English teacher was clearly over paid!

      • what a typical response from a position of intellectual weakness. Typical for people that know they have lost the argument . Try to hurl insults . Just ROFLMAO. In first year we held great debates . You would be laughed out the door.Ohh sorry did I forget to say I have some University??I was a history major . If I had got my degree .Where would I logically ended up ???? A teacher .I went into the oil patch one summer made a lot more than I would teaching .I then never joined your ranks . Thank God
        I have read all your comments .Parroting mindless socialist jargon. all so easily exposed . Here’s your lesson for the day. Tax the super rich .Giggle usually spoken by politicians when they have no other recourse . The supper rich(say 25 mil and higher) their wealth is portable .They go to which ever country is most hospitable to them.
        oh next raise tax on the corporations .so companies are in business to make money . They have to pass the costs on to the user . this is called a hidden tax . Under the Clark NDP government they used this and chased the large companies out .Ohh and did I forget to say all the tax dollars that went with them .The Clark/Sihota then turned on the people . People like me . Ahh you make to much money .They then instituted a wealth tax at that time $69,000 and above . I had to stay because of my family . A lot of our best people left because of this . to Alberta,Ontario or the States . Forever lost to B.C. This is the real legacy of That government and their policies

        • This will fly straight over Corman’s head.

          I remember when The Calgary Chamber of Commerce gave then sitting BC Premier Glen Clark an award for the business he generated for Calgary by chasing companies and people to Alberta. I don’t think he showed up to the ceremony to accept!

          • Again just like Corman Weak ,weak ROFLMAO.So you again demonstrate ignorance .Luck has nothing to do with it .We have to have Pressure tickets. We all have the same opportunities in life . It’s how we take advantage of them . Your whining here only demonstrates that you failed to do so . You sit and blame ,blame .I have heard from people like you my whole life .If only I had your education ,your abilities your jobs and your money .Get over it !!

          • If it makes you feel better that “luck” is the difference between success and failure, then go ahead an wallow in that thought. The rest of us will just keep thinking, keep being productive, keep innovating and keep working hard.

  6. I am deeply disturbed by the vitriol I see here. At the heart of this is a story about a disturbing and illegal incident that occurred as a result of someone’s contempt towards a group of people who I might add have their democratic right to be there. Regardless of what side you may be on , this level of contempt displayed towards a group of people should not be condoned. Children go to school there, they play there, they hang out with their friends This hateful act will no doubt scare the parents and the kids who will think twice before they venture out to play there. There is a right way and a wrong way to express your opinions. Discourse is valuable and insightful for all sides when it remains respectful. Respect is not what I am seeing here. Shame on that person.