Rescue equipment stolen on the North Shore

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Rescue equipment stolen on the North Shore

A series of locked rescue gear used to help those lost and in trouble in the back country has been stolen from North Shore Search and Rescue.

Spokesperson Doug Pope says the theives not only stole property, but they also vandalized what they left behind.

He says, “We can’t fathom what type of person would think to go and steal gear from a volunteer organization such as ours. We’re very dissapointed.”

With thousands of dollars in gear stolen and destroyed, Pope says they don’t know what they’ll do.

He says this is one of the busiest times of the year for his team of volunteers and they need to equipment to help save lives.

Anyone who may have seen someone walking away with this gear last weekend in the Hanes Valley route behind Grouse Mountain is asking to contact their local RCMP.


  1. They are suprised and dissapointed ? I’m sure they are , but the reality is that the behaviours and attitudes of groups like North Shore Rescue are part of the problem . Its all part of the contiuum of creating a culture of ” do anything you want , don’t worry to much about the consequences , because we are here to make sure you do have to be held accountable for your actions”

    While their intent to save people stranded on the mountain is commendable … they need to appreciate that if there are no consequneces for stupidity for some people , then another segment of our population is going to stretch that to no consequences for lack of respect to private property and the environment.

    The sooner that we stop being a nanny state , and start allowing people to trip , and recognize that some thngs are just wrong to do … the sooner we wil see a respect for others being shown

    • The same freedom that allows you to write such non sense is the same freedom that allows us to enjoy the many hiking trails and other fun and adventurous sports in our great country beyond the pavement. Getting injured on a paved road, in your home or at a business should be no different than getting injured anywhere else in Canada. You talk about a Nanny state? Well, you are being the nanny by wanting consequences for people who have sprained their ankle hiking beyond a road on a public hiking trail in a Provincial park. Give your head a shake.

      Why don’t you go back to sitting on your couch and quarterback something other than people’s freedom to pursue their desires beyond paved roads.

      The thieves that stole from a non profit that saves people’s lives is deplorable at best.

      • You are the one that needs to give your head a shake and get some reality in your pretty little head .
        You are free to wander in the wild to your hearts content , but if you expect me and the rest of the province to pay extraordinary costs to get you out of some remote location when you have hurt yourself , just as easily as we would provide support to someone lying on the sidewalk – then get real because we are not going to open our wallets to you. Your attitude is typical of the selfish … Its all about me bs of the younger generation