NDP question how Kwantlen University president can investigate himself

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The NDP’s Advanced Education Critic is wondering how the president of Kwantlen Polytechnic University can review how certain contracts are awarded when Alan Davis is one of the people who accepted money that should have been spent educating students.

“It’s a very brave thing for a president of a university to announce an investigation of the Advanced Education Minister and the fact that the university is now investigating the minister shows how out of hand this situation has gotten.”

David Eby is also demanding the resignation of Virk as BC’s Advanced Education Minister.

“Given the investigation at Kwantlen now, he can’t even make a decision about to fund a program there or to de-fund a program there without being seen now to be in a conflict of interest influencing that investigation. There are conflicts of interest everywhere and he really does need to take this seriously.”

Eby says Auditor General Russ Jones has already been asked to examine Kwantlen’s executive compensation.

Davis says the results of his internal review will be made public later this summer.


  1. How can an “N”DP leader investigate himself after an election loss. But, yes, an independent review should happen. It’s a quite obscene how UBC, UVic and SFU can have presidential payrolls over $350K while the others are capped at $150K. Is $150K enough? If so, gotta start aligning based on FTE size, program, research etc. I would like to see a report on all public universities payrolls.

    • Actually, the university does not work under the BC Liberals. If you took some time to understand this system, you would know there is a Board of Governors that was fully aware of the situation, and they should be fire immediately. This isn’t a snookie thing, Bob. I know you hate her, but you cannot blame her for everything.