Mayors eye next Spring for Translink funding referendum

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Mayors eye next Spring for Translink funding referendum

Metro Vancouver mayors in a meeting Thursday have delayed the transit funding referendum to sometime after this November’s civic elections.

Richmond mayor Malcolm Brodie says the mayors are now eyeing sometime next spring for the vote.

“The mayors have always said that the referendum is a very bad idea. If we have to have a referendum then I guess next Spring is appropriate yet as far as I am concerned the province should set the date and set the question.”

Brodie says the mayors frustration with the province is growing.

“I can tell that this has been the whole history of the thing is changing the goalposts, making new rules. I believe that the end game is to get the mayors to agree to a property tax.”

This week Transportation minister Todd Stone gave the mayors until July 15th to choose a referendum voting date.

Mayors have also returned to eyeing a vehicle levy or regional sales tax to fund transit after Stone rejected using carbon tax dollars.


  1. Don’t you touch my property taxes, Todd Stone! They are high as is already. If that were to happen I will be blaming YOU and Christy, not the mayors! Keep this in mind!

  2. If you’re honestly going to go ahead with this stupid, useless, waste of money referendum, there had better be an option of “Take no more money from any of us and make all levels of government learn to live with the money they already receive from taxpayers because it’s more than enough!”

    • I believe that Governments would be more than willing to live within it’s means as long as organisations such as health, education,transportation and many others Government funded agencies would live within their means and not keep trying to get more of the revenue pie !! Either the pie has to get bigger or money has to be borrowed to meet the demands being made !! How tough is that to understand!