Having to explain how the USA lost yet won to Americans

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Having to explain how the USA lost yet won to Americans

When does a tie equal a loss, but a loss equals a win…if you are a fan of USA soccer, this is your world right now.

Last Sunday, Portugal scored at the death to equalize their match with the USA 2-2, and you could have heard a pin drop in the US as their entire drop-in camera package showed a funeral like procession after the tying goal.

Would the same thing happen here in Canada?  Of course it would.  But our friends in the USA are having to re-educate their casual fans every four years as to the ramifications of wins, losses and draws in a round robin tourney…it is not in the US lexicon to TIE.

Then sit the same fans down today after the 1-Nil loss to Germany…and they are jubilant because the Americans knew after the countless tweets from the US Men’s National Team and the 24/7 education provided by ESPN that a loss for the US meant a berth in the next round.  Again, complete confusion south of the border, but they are off to the elimination round, which most of our neighbors to the south thought was something that happened at a walk-in clinic when the plumbing isn’t working, but I digress.

There is a silver lining, now that the knockout stage has been reached, the USA no longer has to re-educate their fans.  It is now win or go home.

The USA will know of their draw later this afternoon, and will have a number of days to prepare for what will surely be known as the Miracle on Grass if they should somehow advance to the Quarter Finals.

Should the USA lose however, the bandwagon will empty faster than the last ten minutes of a Canucks game at Roger’s Arena…Americans will bolt back to baseball and eagerly await the start of NFL training camps.

Soccer will have been a figment of their imagination, and unless USA Soccer goes all the way, Americans will not embrace it, because America will never embrace losers, which is why they are confused today when they lost yet won.


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