Another North Shore Search and Rescue cache broken into

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Another North Shore Search and Rescue cache broken into

North Shore Search and Rescue says another one of their equipment caches has been broken into.

The cost to fix the damage and replace stolen items is estimated to be around seven-thousand-dollars.

Yesterday another remote emergency cache was found broken into and 15-thousand-dollars worth of equipment taken.

The caches, to help with rescues, were put in place by former team leader Tim Jones who passed away last January.


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  1. next time I hope they can “investigate” incidents without going to the news outlets, and reporting everything that’s in those storage places. I can guarantee that 99% of the population knew nothing about these “stashes”, however, thieves don’t miss a beat, and copycat incidents start rising…now they’ve been told what to expect when breaking into one of them. I still think its lowlifes that would remove such vital supplies needed for rescues, but this is today’s world, where everything seems to be deemed “newsworthy” this just contributes to the problem, and is not info that should be given out…NSR brought this on themselves by going public about the contents