Teachers may be ready to strike through summer school

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Teachers may be ready to strike through summer school

Parents in Abbotsford, Burnaby, Victoria, Prince George and the Okanagan are receiving letters from school district superintendents advising them summer school will not go ahead unless a deal is reached with striking teachers.  Chair of the Surrey School Board Shawn Wilson says summer school remains on the chopping block even if the Labour Relations Board designates remedial summer school an essential service.

“The fact is that with the teacher’s federation instructing members to picket schools during the summer, and then teachers would likely not be crossing picket lines.”

Victoria Superintendent Sherri Bell says it doesn’t look good.

“We certainly don’t want, especially students that haven’t passed the course in the first place, to be left to repeat it next year, so we will do whatever we can to run whatever courses that we possibly can.”

The BC Teachers Federation revealed Wednesday it does intend to set up picket lines at worksites where summer school programs are offered, if a deal isn’t reached by Monday.

About half of the province’s school districts usually run summer school.


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  1. So, it’s not about the kids. It’s about pissing everyone off. Who’s going to cancel their holidays and stand in front of a school with a sign and not get paid, someone with out a real life.

  2. The lockout and the strike needs to end. Both have agreed to mediation, so let’s end it. The teachers deserve their paycheques. If they cannot get a say in class size and composition year 1, then they can add for year 2 or 3. They both need to give in and make concessions.

  3. How low can these, teachers, go. Little children with picket signs on a picket line, not in a playground.
    You guys disgust me. The new Big Lie, it’s for the kids.. What a crock of crap.
    Christy Please don’t talk to this gang.

    • I agree 100%. Kids (and tied up pets) on picket lines is quite disgusting, not to mention desparate. I live almost across from an elementary school and where the were 3 or 4 toots, there was 1 yesterday and none today. Keep your kids home teachers, or has child care become the same problem you handed off to so many others?

  4. Currently the teachers are paying a heavy economic price-unlike the government which gets to pocket millions in savings. Because the government is able to minimize the impact of the strike through LRB essential services rulings, there is absolutely no pressure on the government to settle.

    Regardless of our views, unless there is equal pressure applied on both parties, the concept of strikes and lock outs as effective bargaining tools is moot.

    Get rid of essential services designation unless the safety and security of the broad community is affected. Then there will be more incentive to settle. Then ihe idea that the two parties are too far apart to settle will be a non-starter.

  5. Children with picket signs is disgusting, that is child abuse and we are leaving our children with these people for 5 hrs a day, Parents wake up send you children to independent school it is worth the sacrifice.

    • Using children is a bit much, but it’ hardly abuse. Private schools are a good idea, unfortunately most parents need help from the public to educate their children. These children deserve the same opportunities, which involves a larger committed to funding education.

  6. The union has manoeuvred teachers into a no-win situation. The government believes pocketing the savings from closed schools is manna falling from heaven. In all of this parents and taxpayers are pawns to be manipulated in an escalating charade to justify rich dispute consulting fees. The longer it goes the better it is for the dispute professionals. Both sides are completely unaccountable. Parents and taxpayers are held in utter contempt in this province.

    • Nope. The government is wholy accountable to BC taxpayers. A solid mandate was given to handle a fragile economy prudently. I fully support the stand they’ve made to the BCTF and am confident any savings will be put to good use.

        • I only have one point…This pissing match must stop…regardless of what you think of Iker, teachers and BCTF, shouldn’t our Gov’t take the stand for what’s right, which Is to get kids back in school…Crisby Clark would rather save money and blame BCTF, than legislate them back, which is the right think to do… We have no leadership in this province…We have a Gov’t that cares only about $$$, and nothing else…Is that scary to anyone else…?? We need to get kids back in school, so screw the BCTF, and legislate the contract…Iker is a train wreck, and many teachers are now realizing this… They want to work, but the Gov’t is acting the same way…CC show why you were elected and put a stop to this by June 30th, so kids can get back to learning…

          • I’m shocked dave. The best way to have gread education and satisfied parents, kids and everyone else is to have a solid economy. If Christy and the government didn’t care, we wouldn’t be dealing with this mess that’s been boiling up for decades. I wondered if she would have the strength and smarts to stand up to the BCTF but she and the government are demonstrating they do. I agree with your view of Iker and that many teachers are jumping the TF ship so only good for the kids will result. I think we want the same thing now.

          • Dave, sit back and enjoy the summer. If the strike continues over the summer it will flare like an atomic bomb in mid august. Christy will talk, not because she want to, but because she has no choice as the Court of Appeal will knock on her door, as will parents. You don’t get paid over the summer anyway.

          • Dwight do you really believe that not having kids in school is the best way to prove a point…?? I know you think that all teachers are money hungry slack asses, but should the kids suffer because of an NDP (BCTF), liberal battle… Many teachers said yes to the strike, because of the pressure and rhetoric to do so.. They’re good people who just don’t pay attention to politics… They’re teachers who I can honestly say care a lot about kids, and do the best they can everyday with what they have… without complaints…The BCTF has control of our issue, and we’re starting to realize that we need intelligent people to take up these roles instead of the left wing extremist that occupy these positions currently… This needs to end and I believe whatever the contract is teachers will be just happy to get back to work, and do their job..

    • Mike, parents and education do not matter. Balancing the budget on the back of children is plain and simply wrong – people I talk to are disgusted with the Liberals but as you know, we elected them.

      • “Balancing the budget on the back of children is plain and simply wrong”

        By increasing our debt, LorAx, you are doing children an even worse disservice as they will be the ones to have to pay it all off. Perhaps the BCTF should be asked to come up with a prioritized list of Gov. services that could be cut to make up the money for all their demands ?

  7. dave, please do not assume what I think. You are wrong far to often to be thinking for me and others. You and your ilk continually say things that are wrong, untrue or just plain made up.
    You accuse me and others of saying things that are just not true, such as Teachers are greedy, or slack assed. Never said any of those things. I certainly don’t agree with anything the BCTF does, but never said those statements that you attempt to attribute to me.
    If it is so much better for the kids to be in school, why are you on strike.?
    You and your BCTF followers couldn’t wait to go on Strike. Now, because the Taxpayers didn’t cave to your outrageous demands, you now want everything back to normal.
    You want it over tell your Union to end the strike.

    • What do you say about class size and composition Dwight? Do you have any memos as to how to respond to those type of questions? I’d like to hear the Liberals views on that, so far it’s been all about “greedy teachers” ; “gravy trains” and “slack assess”, or comments equivalent thereto.

      Let’s hear it on class size and composition – and the quality of education; that’s the real issue.