Year-round schools heavily impacted by teacher strike

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Year-round schools heavily impacted by teacher strike

As the teachers labour dispute drags on schools which operate on a year-round basis are also being hit hard.  Deanna Packey is with the Kanaka Creek Parent Advisory Council in Maple Ridge, one of five schools in the province that operate on the alternative calendar.  She says is the strike continues, students could be out a total of 36 educational days, leaving grade seven students ill prepared for high school.

“The teachers at Kanaka next year will know what those students have missed, our grade 7 students will be transitioning into high school with all the other filtering schools coming in as well, and those children within a couple days met their entire curriculum requirements, and our children will have missed that by six weeks.”

The government is asking the Labour Relations Board to declare year-round schools an essential service.


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  1. The government wanted the teachers on strike, they penalized the teachers 10 percent making the teachers feel they had to strike, Now they have them on strike. It’s a win win for Christy. She will legislate them back to work in September or October. She will have her balanced budget and not care a lick for BC’s dysfunctional school system.
    The government was accused of bargaining in bad faith and they still are.

  2. I do believe the Teachers went on rotating strikes, so the Gov. penalized them 10% of their wages. The rotating strikes continued so the Gov. locked them out. Then the Teachers voted for a full strike and caused themselves to lose all their wages. Is that not more like the correct timeline ?

    • Not exactly. The BCTF began with job action limiting communication with management, stopping student supervision outside of class time and being off site an hour before and after school hours. They were threatened with a paycut if phase 2 went ahead. Phase 2 (rotating strikes) were announced and the employer followed through with the pay cut and then imposed the lockout mirroring the original job action. After that the BCTF imposed the full strike. Isn’t obvious the BCTF has had nothing but the best interest of the children in mind? I didn’t think so.

  3. 10 percent deducted for lock out at lunch,45 minutes after school and before school. Teachers were expected to teach their classes, communicate with parents, talk to admin about students, assess their students…looking at the list, guess they lost 10 percent a day for not attending 1 staff meeting at end of month..about 45 minutes of work in a month

    • Teachers were expected to teach their classes……? How terrible!
      At least stop attempting to make the BCTF rulings look more stupid than they appear already. Missing 1 montly staff meeting is hardly job action is it? Everyone knows there’s much more to it than that.