Surrey can fine you $500 for leaving dog in hot car

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You can now be hit with a higher fine if you leave your dog in a hot car in Surrey.

Mayor Dianne Watts says council has approved the bylaw changes in light of “recent tragedies,” which have reminded the public of properly taking care of animals.

She’s likely referring to the tragic of six dogs that died from heatstroke in the back of a truck earlier this year while under the care of their dog walker.

The fine is now $500 and also applies to leving your dog loose in the back of a pickup truck.


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  1. Why not confiscated the dog and ban the irresponsible owner from having another dog ? A threat that a $500 fine might be imposed has about as much force as a threat to fine up to $ 2000 for littering

  2. Yet another “Bylaw”. Another bandaid fix to make look like they are doing good. Ticket the person leaving the dog inside the car. Okay. It’s wrong. One signal issue. WHY don’t they enforce the Bylaw’s re: illegal multiple suites, illegal construction post inspection, parking issues, drug dealing in residential area where there are children. It’s gotten so out of hand they can’t deal with it even though they say they are. What a joke. I’ve been dealing with the City of Surrey since 2009 with these issues in our neighborhood and City Hall has done nothing but continue to turn a blind eye and deaf ear.