UPDATED: Teen motorcyclist dies after hit-and-run in Surrey

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The search continues for a hit and run driver who caused the death of a 16-year old boy in Surrey Tuesday night.

The driver ran away from the crash site leaving behind a silver Honda Accord with the keys still inside.

Investigators are trying to find the registered owner of the car.

They say the person who took off from the intersection of 96th Avenue and 123-A Street could be facing charges for leaving the scene.

Friends have identified the victim as Kevin Dhillon.


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  1. There’s really only one reason you leave the scene of an accident. It’s so by the time they find you, your blood alcohol level is back to normal. That COP did the same thing when he killed that motorcycle rider when he was pissed. Said he went home and down a bunch of Vodka to cure his nerves. What a lying A Hole

    That two bikers that have been hit and the other purchase leaves the scene so far this season.

    I ride, and it’s scary out there. The worse are tailgating bimbos texting, while rollering on a coat of make up while drinking a large Starbucks latte. They are super aggressive drivers and need a good slap in the face!!!