Vancouver School Trustee suggests Industrial Inquiry Commissioner to settle teachers strike

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Vancouver School Trustee suggests Industrial Inquiry Commissioner to settle teachers strike

While the clock ticks down to the official end of the school year, the Vice-Chair of the Vancouver School Board says all is not lost, now that mediator Vince Ready has confirmed he’s not going to get involved.

Mike Lombardi says the government should appoint an industrial inquiry commissioner, because that’s how another teachers’ dispute was resolved back in 2005, by Ready.

He says, “I think we fit that crisis point right now. We need to appoint an industrial inquiry commissioner who has the authority and the power to make binding public recommendations that both parties are on the hot seat.”

Lombardi says that would open the door for Ready, should he become available, but he adds there are other capable candidates out there.


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  1. This is not a crisis Mr Lombardi. Tragically, this has become normal and there’s no reason to think that will change as long as the BCTF thinks they have all the answers and will simply refuse to work if they don’t get their way.

  2. There are other mediators in B.C. besides Vince Ready. If they were closer to agreement it would be the right time. However the gap is probably too wide for there to be an earnest discussion at this time.

    This year is about done but prep for opening in September with schedules, student registrations, placements, and timetables usually has started and is completed before September. With no counsellors doing much of this work September opening is in question.

  3. I am convinced that Mike Lombardi has a few file cabinets that have escaped his attention. The last time an ‘Industrial Commissioner’ did his thing, Vince Ready, the BCTF refused all recommendations.

    The BCTF needs to understand reality, unfortunately the BCTF is on another planet.

    • Jim Iker needs to get real. Stop holding BC children and his BCTF members hostage. As a teacher, I’m fed up with this union that is so political and has lost any sense of being a professional organization. Stop using my union fees to pay for political propaganda at EVERY election campaign. As a parent, I’m also fed up with you and this union for the fact that my Grade 11 child has experienced THREE strikes in the past 10 years. Enough is enough! I’m sending my two younger ones to independent schools. Some of my friends are also considering the same option.

  4. Gees we have a minister of education then we have a Deputy Minister of Education. Then there’s the Education Ministry’s Superintendent of Achievement, and also the Education Ministry’s Resource Management. And a deputy minister of advanced education. Then there’s the BCSTA (BC School Trustees Association), and then the BCPSEA (BC Public School Employers’ Association and the local school boards and on top of that let’s not forget they all have office staff and people wonder way there’s no money for the front line workers or class size and composition… just how many people are the BC Liberal government going to allow to feed at the public trough. funny how Christ had no problem finding enough public money to give out 18% raises to top aides that are already making 6 figures plus salaries…

  5. Face facts the government has never wanted a settlement , they want this to drag on til September then impose a contract.
    This dispute is being used to balance their budget plain and simple.

    • Vince Lombardi is a mouthpiece for the BCTF. He and his fellow school board members should spend more time learning how to use taxpayer money better.
      More taxpayer money every year with less students and they cry every year they need more money.
      This group couldn’t run a corn stand in the middle of a corn field.