The province goes back to the LRB in education dispute

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The province goes back to the LRB in education dispute

The BC Government wants summer school for students who fail grades to be designated an essential service.

In an application to the Labour Relations Board, the BC Public School Employers Association wants to amend the essential services order to include remedial summer school, year round schooling and education programs for students in Youth Custody centers and hospitals.

The application claims if teachers remain on strike and don’t provide these services, it will have a serious impact on “very fragile youth.”

BCPSEA says remedial programs are open only to students who have failed a secondary
level course.

And these courses represent a critical opportunity to complete graduation requirements, or obtain a prerequisite for a course in the next school year.


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  1. So only thing not essential are the times before school, after school and lunch. Since everything being made essential, how do I go about determining essential service levels for our MLA’s or absent premier.

  2. Why is summer school being considered “essential” now, but this government has cut funding for programs such as summer reading instructional programs for at-risk elementary school students? In my district, we had so many cuts to an important summer reading program, that the the program is now completely gone. If helping these “very fragile youth” is crucial, then bring back the funding for those essential programs.

  3. Maybe if the province’s lock out hadn’t cancelled students’ noon hour tutorials with their respective teachers they wouldn’t be failing. Maybe not all, but some of them.

    • Uh, no, that was the BCTF ruling that did that. Selective memory? And if a student is failing I don’t think a few tutorials during the last week will do a lot. Arguments are getting weaker and weaker.

      • Can you please clarify the bctf ruling to which you refer. My understanding was that at the time of the lockout the only strike action were rotating one dat only per week. I understand that this only affected students one day per week. Please clarify what you mean by ruling

        • I’ll try. On April 23 BCTF’s phase 1 job action began with having teachers refuse certain work, including communicating with management, supervising students outside of class time, and not being at the school an hour before or an hour after the end of instructional time except for voluntary activities. On May 16 the employer backed down somewhat and offered a 6.5 per cent pay hike over six years. It then offered a $1,200 signing bonus but also threatened a wage reduction should phase 2 go ahead. On May 20 phase 2 was announced to begin May 26 with rotating strikes. On May 21, the employer responded to the BCTF’s phase 2 announcement with the lock out ending June 27 and mirroring the times teachers would not be doing their jobs.
          It’s easy to get muddled with all the blaming and finger pointing out there, but the timeline makes it clearer for me. I hope it’s helpful to you as well.

  4. The LRB should reject the government’s request to have summer school declared an essential service. That will force the government to bargain more proactively. So far it hasn’t moved significantly off its original position-if at all.

  5. here goes Christy Clark again, cant have her own way , make them essential service. she’s the one who got them into this problem, there in court from 2002. they lock them out, them lift the lock out so they can know control the teachers. obviously the labour relations board is controlled by this government. they lose in court and they still want to punish everyone. it won’t belong before Christy gives all the money for private schools only, the hell with the people that built this province. if your in a union they use the labour board against you. this will be a long fight with this goverment

  6. Now that the BCTF has gone to the LRB and requested the essential service designation, it should be no problem for the Government to reinstate the essential service from here on in. Pretty hard for the Union to argue against something they wanted.
    Why they have done this after years of fighting it is anyone’s guess. I guess it just shows they really have no idea as to what they really do want!
    As it turns out, it has backfires on them at every turn.
    However I really don’t think that the LRB will rule that summer school is an essential service, but we will see.