Kids take to Twitter to react to changes in Provincial Exams

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Kids take to Twitter to react to changes in Provincial Exams

Some student took to Twitter with news that they would not be writing essays during their Provincial Exams but simply multiple choice instead.

A few students are not happy about the abrupt change in format, one writing “I have an exam tomorrow I didn’t even study for” with the hastag corrupt education and government.

Another cautioning that the change means that the multiple choice portion is worth a greater portion of their entire grade.

But most students who were writing about it on Twitter seemed relieved — with comments like “This strike keeps getting better and better.” and “Hallelujah. Thank you teachers’ strike”

Grade 10 students wrote their English exam this morning, while Grade 11 students write Social Studies this afternoon.

The Education Ministry announced last night the essay portion was being scrapped for today’s exams because of marking concerns.


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  1. Parents and students should contact their School District Superintendent and demand that these Provincial Exam Marks for 2014 be omitted from their marks/transcripts. There is no validity to these exams. Semester One students wrote a completely different format of exam compared with those writing in Semester Two. Not only has the exam been modified, but the validity of who is marking them is also brought into question. This is not an even playing field for these kids when they submit their transcripts for Post-Secondary Programs down the road. Forget about which side you are on, contact your Superintendent right now !
    Fight for your own kids!

  2. Corman is absolutely correct about the disparity between this “exam” and the first semester’s (and all others).

    What’s even worse? It looks like all Gr. 10 and 11 course marks will not include the final term. According to the LRB, administrators will be supplying a course mark based upon existing marks. For semester students, that means any work in the second half of the course will be ignored; the entire course mark will be based upon the first term. If your child was working hard to improve his or her grade – a very typical scenario in Term 2 – s/he is out of luck.

    Of course, one of the great untold stories of the last decade has been the reduction of standards in BC’s public education system. The BC Liberals have been obsessed with the “success rate”, which is a politically-useful euphemism for the graduation rate. And as you can guess, they did it the easy way: they lowered our standards. For example, the number of courses needed to graduate has been reduced; prerequisites have all but disappeared; secondary schools have been flooded with new electives of dubious rigour (and many teachers of older course have reduced their demands to match the “competition”); the extensive number of Gr. 12 provincial exams has disappeared, and the only remaining Gr. 12 provincial (English 12) has had its most challenging section eliminated; a few oddly placed Gr. 10 and 11 courses have added provincial exams, but they are of much lower quality because they rely completely or heavily on multiple choice – the few written responses that remain are marked by teachers in school (and not on a neutral site like with the older Gr. 12 exams). And I won’t even get into the reduction of basic skills (e.g. writing, math) that we are facing at the lower levels.

    In other words, the exam fiasco is just the tip of the iceberg. Look deeper, and you’ll be horrified.