Burnaby mayor gets ticketed

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Burnaby mayor gets ticketed

As BC’s public safety critic lobbies against distracted driving, an ironic twist as her husband, who happens to be the mayor of  Burnaby, received a distracted driving ticket last year.

According the online court data base, Derrick Corrigan was slapped with a ticket for using an electronic device while driving last July in Burnaby.

His wife, NDP MLA Kathy Corrigan, spoke to the media recently about the need for the government to crack down on distracted driving as the number of offences increases.


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    • Chris, Why are you blaming NW? If Corrigan paid his ticket the matter would have been closed. But instead the Mayor who probably kept the violation from safety critic wifey, is now trying to save face by weaseling his way out of the violation. Perhaps he’ll claim this was Kinder Morgan conspiring with the RCMP to embarrass him? What is laughable is Corrigan’s fine, according to wifey, is too low, which suggests she was kept in the dark. Now ain’t that a kick in the groin. Derrick should learn a lesson from his buddies. When fare-cheat Dix was nailed by Skytrain cops he paid his fine. When diamond thief Sven Robinson walked out of a store with an engagement ring for his boyfriend- before realizing he was nailed by the CCTV cameras, he pleaded no contest. My bet is Derrick will come to his senses once Kathy sets him straight.

  1. If Corrigan was a high profile Liberal, all you lefties would make this headline news. As usual the Lefties can do NO wrong. Mrs. Corrigan should be ashamed of herself going on TV last week demanding distracted driving penalties should increase, 11 months after her husband was nailed for the same offense.

    • Haha, yes. When Rob Ford was nailed for Jaywalking it made the national headlines. And Kathy Corrigan . . look in the dictionary under hypocrite and you can see her picture !

  2. This must be an imposter because Derek Corrigan couldn’t possibly be driving. The real Mayor Corrigan is a man of principal who promised to throw his body in front of moving bulldozers to prevent Kinder Morgan from bringing more toxic oil into Burnaby LOL.
    But let’s cut Derek some slack. When Kathy calls, he better answer on the first ring.

  3. And we are surprised. Remember when Debra Oberlin the CEO of Madd was arrested for a DUI.

    Do as I say, not as I do!! They’re all the same. And praise the Lord too!!