Teachers ordered to review Grade 10 and 11 final marks

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Teachers ordered to review Grade 10 and 11 final marks

The BC Labour Relations Board has brought down a ruling on final marks for grade 10 and 11 students.

It says school districts will have to prepare a class list with the most recent report card percentage, and give it to union locals by Tuesday morning.

The locals will then pass the list to the classroom teacher for review, and give the lists back by Thursday morning.

Grade 12 final marks have already been deemed an essential service.

A Surrey high school teacher, who doesn’t want her name used, says the ruling is unfair.

She says a student’s mid-term mark, paired with their provincial exam mark, will hurt kids who tried to improve their performance in the latter harm of the year.

“I have a kid whose interim mark was really poor and if they are going to take that really poor interim mark, this kid will fail. The work that she did in April, May and June brought her to a pass, and if this goes through, they’re going to fail her.”

Jennifer Wadge, the head of the Surrey Teacher’s Association, says they’re leaving it up to the teachers to decide how much time they’ll spend reviewing the marks.

Meanwhile, Surrey’s school district has already said it will not provide report cards, and New Westminster’s district won’t provide them for kids in kindergarten through Grade 8.

New West Superintendent John Gaiptman says students will automatically be placed in the next grade level for September.


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  1. Great solution, just automatically place all students in the next grade. Who needs teachers anyway. It is way cheaper to just automatically place students into the next year. Imagine if we could Just keep doing that year after year. It would basically cost nothing to get a student through 12 years of public education. Just a few bucks for lighting and heating, and maybe some video game consoles in each room. Eventually kids would stop attending and then the government wouldn’t have to worry about the cost of maintaining Portables. Of course the ultra rich will make sure their children get a real education somewhere else!
    This is no longer acceptable, time for a revolution.

    • Dwight…the Liberal government made public education an essential service in 2001. The BCTF did not request this change.

      As far as I know, BC is the only province in Canada to have made education an essential service. Why?

      • Doug, you are wrong.
        Do you people never check anything,just say whatever suits the moment.
        Perhaps you should check with your comrades at BCTF headquarters.
        It was the BCTF that applied to the LRB for the designation.
        Do any of you BCTFer ever check anything or just blindly go by what you are told. Pretty sad for Teachers to be so ignorant of the unions doings!
        Read the LRB decisions and enlighten yourself.

  2. Christy Clark and the BC Liberals told Vince Ready to refuse to mediate this dispute.
    They want it to go until Sept then impose a contract with the ultimate goal , break the union.
    Dirty dirty dirty politicians.

  3. Basically the marks that the grades 10 and 11′s will be getting are the mid-term marks. All the other work done after the mid-term amounts to nothing. What a shame.

    I also feel for the kids who are around the 50% mark and writing Provincial exams marked by administrators.

    I guess this one backfired on the government.

  4. What are the LRB people thinking? This decision hardly leaves Districts anytime to get lists by Tuesday morning to teachers unless some one is working tonight. Oh and who might that be? Who is electronically entering all these grades?

    Schools providing marks to grade 10 and 11 students are “ball park” and may have far reaching consequences once the students reach grade 12 and try to register in post secondary institutions.

    In all other grades students are promoted as per policy. However credentialing for Grad requirements is another matter.

    The other big big issue is timetabling at secondary and middle schools. That is done at this time of the year for next years classes, teacher assignments and student placement. Critical to that is students selection of courses and elective requests. Counsellors usually do this work so student lists timetable and teachers are scheduled. This work is again done in may, June and finalized over the summer for September start up.

    Even if some agreement is reached how will all those schools open in September if this work is not complete? It won”t because they can’t without the work being done.

    The gong show in Public education continues at the expense of those most affected… the students.

    • If that means less power to the BCTF, absolutely! She, and every government is accountable to ALL British Columbians every 4 years. Not so with the foot-stomping Iker types.