Summer school up in the air

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Summer school up in the air

Two of the biggest school districts in the province say they’ll decide this week if Summer School will be cancelled because of the teachers’ dispute.

The Vancouver School Board says it expects to make a decision whether to cancel Summer School early this week.

It depends the Board says if the strike continues and the BC Teachers Federation chooses to picket the sites.

In Surrey, Schools Superintendent Jordan Tinney says a decision on Summer School will be made later this week.

However Tinney says if teachers are on strike and pickets lines are up, there will be no summer school.

He says “we’re all prepared and ready to go but at this point, things look very tenuous.”

As for report cards Tinney says a letter will be sent out on student progress.

The Education Ministry says it’s not aware of any school districts cancelling summer school…yet.


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  1. Why would the BCTF withdraw picket lines?

    It’s the government who made the first move of locking out the teachers 45 min. before and after school (deducting 10% of wages) a total lockout on June 25, 26, 27th.

    Bargaining is a two way street and at this point and only the BCTF has made significant concessions. What has the government done?

    (oh yeah, they dropped the length of the contract from 10 years to 6 years)

    • They would withdraw pickets to help the kids during summer. Not a good enough answer? I thought it was for the kids my mistake. 10% wage back was obviously in the legal right of the government due to the work cut back. Shouldn’t have even bothered going to court for that. Yes they dropped the 10 year contract talk. Not sure what he big deal was. RCMP already agreed to a 20 year contract. In any case the message to the BCTF and their members is the gravy train is finally over.

        • BCTF chose to withdraw services. Trying to state loss of coverage from WCB. This become a farce when WCB was wondering why they would even think that. Court case results reconfirms Governments right to take 10% cut back. Should have been 25% in my opinion.

    • The first move? Ha. Did you forget that the BCTF first ordered the teachers to withdraw service during those very times? The lock out was an obvious response. Picket on.

    • Really? You must be enjoying the long, cool drink of Kool-aid being offered up by your friends over at the BCTF. Please have a look at what the whiny teachers withdrew when they first initiated their level one job action, then compare it with what the rules of the lockout were, which wad initiated several weeks later. The only difference is that under the lockout, the whiny teachers lost 10% of their pay. But, please do not try to rewrite the sequence of events simply to make them more palatable to your warped beliefs.

  2. Summer school should be on. This has become out of hand. What if a Mechanics union went on strike and pointed out their work is the maintenance of life saving vehicles for the community including for hospitals, school buses, and family vehicles and complained that they spend thousands of their own dollars to purchase tools and materials to do their job. What if their slogan read our kids and community come first, support BC Mechanics Federation. Although that would all be technically be true, many others would say they are getting ridiculous and should just say it’s a contract dispute period. By the same principle the BCTF should remove the fluff about this being about the kids and be honest, this is a contract dispute period. Let the kids have their education and talk the talk behind the scenes with the government. And yes when it comes to the BCTF’s sense of entitlement for 9 months annual work, they’re out to lunch but don’t make this to be about the kids.

    • I’m not sure your analogy works . It’s like you are saying without the gas station attendant down the road doctors can’t perform surgery.

      It’s “where the rubber meets the road” that has the most importance.

      I’m pretty sure there are a lot of mechanics out there working on heavy equipment, trucks etc. that could do the job.

      So what’s your point?

      • There are also many TOCs and Teacher applicants waiting to get in permanent who could also do the jobs of existing teachers. High supply for the existing demand. My point is if it wasn’t already intuitively obvious is this is a contract dispute period. Don’t use the kids as an excuse to feed BCTF’s greed.

  3. The reason why Teachers in Alberta get more is because they benefit from a government that gets collects tax dollars on pipeline / oil projects. Alberta Teachers also don’t spend millions on law firms to fight their government. Here it’s the opposite. The BCTF have strongly opposed pipeline and resource projects and spend money on Victory Square law fighting the government. It’s no wonder the BCTF have less and our government has less to provide them. Double hit.

  4. I would be vehemently opposed to summer school (as well as year-round schools) operating as usual in July if there is no settlement. Are the teachers on strike or not? Do other people on strike take down their guard and take July & August off??? I can’t even believe that this would be an option. Only with the BCTF, you say?

  5. Seems a lot of members want the BCTF gone, gone ,gone. Lets help them. Ban unions where there is no competition. Declare open shop on the whole shebang.