No report cards in Surrey

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Don’t hold your breath if you’re waiting for a report card in Surrey.

The Surrey School District Superintendent has fired off a letter to parents saying “before” we were in full strike, report cards were likely going home although they would be shorter than normal.

Jordon Tinney says under a full strike, the district simply can’t produce report cards.

He says the information needed to put out report cards is in the hands of teachers and the support staff needed to print the report cards are also honoring the picket lines.

Tinney says the district wants to draw some closure to the end of the year and will be sending a letter to parents this week on student progress.


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  1. Grades 10 – 12 final exams and markets are an essential service. May as well make all report cards too. Education in general should be considered an essential service that Teacher’s signed up when they chose this career. Instead they apparently chose to use their power to obtain the highest economic advantage at the expense of kids. Disappointing but unexpected.

  2. The LRB just canceled Surrey’s Superintendent’s note, by ordering that exam marks are to be conducted, produced, with review by the teachers within 48 hours.

    BCTF is nullified again.

    • As @Ron_26 just pointed out, basically report cards are useless anyway given that kids seem to never fail. But when the kids apply to College or University they get a major wake up call where the kid has to take remedial courses in basic courses before they can proceed.

      The k-12 system has become a failure.

  3. Ha. Report cards won’t mean much this year. A friend of mine is an administrator in a high school. His only previous experience teaching, was teaching elementary Grade 3.
    Currently this administrator is now having to mark English 12 Provincial Exams. LOL
    Fassbender may as well just pull some shoppers out of a Richmond Shopping Mall to mark these Provincial Exams.
    But he did keep his word, exams will go on. He forgot to mention that the marking of these exams will not be legitimate!

      • My daughter wrote the English 12 Provincial last year, it has lots and lots of written. And just you saying something about a “Marking Template” shows you haven’t realized technology has changed over the past 30 years!
        Clearly you are out of touch. But thanks for sharing your wisdom.

        • I do know teachers quite well ya know. I didn’t just make it up. I just now googled “bc provincial exam samples” and past ones are available for study purposes….with marking templates. There are a couple of essay questions on a few but the LRB has taken care of that haven’t they?

      • You know this how Ron…???? How many provincial exams have you graded…??Do you realize how much of a joke you are trying to make points on something you have no idea about…Pathetic…..You need to get a life Ron…

  4. This is very unfair to the students and is having a great impact on their future. My daughter was a couple of percent off getting the math grade that is required for university entrance. She worked hard and I have no doubt that she could have achieved that mark if she were given the chance to write her final exam (there is no provincial in Math 11) Now she is going to have to re-take the whole class again next year or through learn at home. It’s seems to be ok to completely mess with our childrens education. I support our teachers for the job they do and I know the system is broken. Lets settle the wages and signing bonus, get the teachers back to work and then fix everything else. There is too much on the table to get a fair settlement and this strike will go on for a very long time affecting the innocent…our kids.

  5. So it’s all about the kids???????? Oh for Pete’s sake. Both sides have beaten that one to death! Has anyone contacted Fassbender regarding his lying through his teeth that all students will receive report cards? What a load of BS. It’s time we all withheld our School taxes and perhaps that might catch their attention. Yes, arbitration might be the answer however no Government would ever agree to it.