Is there a gang war underway in Vancouver?

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Saying it’s “too early” to suggest a new gang war is emerging, Vancouver Police admit they’re concerned about a recent spike in shootings across the region.

Constable Brian Montague says, “These incidents are troubling and we want to see if there’s things that we can do as a police department to reduce those incidents.”

Montague says this type of crime has dropped significantly in recent years and there’s no reason for the general public to be worried. “For the most part, the shootings and the violence that you’re seeing right now, these are targeted incidents. They’re generally involving people that are involved in high-risk behaviour, high-risk activity, gang activity, drug activity.”

With VPD Chief Jim Chu watching from the back of the room, Montague also directed any questions about the need for a regional police force –something Vancouver Police support– to the provincial government.


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  1. Why do we keep hearing that there is no reason for the general public to be worried ? Are all of these punks such good shots that when they start shooting in a public place , all of their bullts will strike their intended targets ?

    I’m worried about being the recipient of a stray bullet … and so should everyone else