Teens with knife crash adult party in Langley then run from RCMP, now in custody

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A large group of teenagers in Langley believed to be have just been up to no good got more than they bargained for when crashing a party hosted by adults last night.

Staff Sergeant David Brown says what’s most concerning is that there was a knife produced.

“We had a member actually that was in the parking lot on the other side of the hall so we were right there. We were able to chase the kids into a field where they had nowhere to go and six of the group of teens are in custody and we’ll have a story to tell their parents.”

Brown says the investigation into the incident will continue, and the main focus moving forward is on the teens that had the knife.

He says RCMP believe they have the suspect who had the weapon in custody.


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  1. But will their parents taken any action to re I force that the teens were up to no good ? Don’t hold your breath on that one .
    Reminds me of the little darling from the valley who tried to set the cop car on fire during the Stanley cup riots ….the picture in the paper of him and his parents a few days later told the whole story…..the parents were angry that their little sweetheart was being so viciously treated by the world .

  2. How old are they and what time did it happen ? Remember the old public service announcement ” it’s 10 p.m. parents, do you know where your children are ? “. These little creeps wil get a wrist slap if anything. Immature and non caring parents raise like kids..