Environmental group will go ahead with lawsuit despite Federal approval of Enbridge pipeline

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An environmental organization who has filed a lawsuit claiming the Joint Review Panel’s report on the Enbridge pipeline was flawed will go ahead despite the Federal approval of the project.

Eco justice lawyer Barry Robinson says they will be reviewing the recent council decision.

“Seeing if there are legal errors in that decision and if there are there is the possibility of additional legal challenges being brought”

Robinson adds the decision won’t change the groups position the report didn’t satisfy the environmental assessment process.

Ecojustice represents environmental agencies Forest Ethics advocacy, Living Oceans Society and Raincoat Conservation Foundation.


    • How exactly is he a Dictator? Perhaps you should educate yourself between a Democracy and Dictatorship. You socialists love to use words that you know nothing about. All it does is show how uneducated you socialists are. No wonder you all make minimum wage.

  1. That there is a law firm named Ecojustice makes me shake my head in disbelief.

    I had to read this news report a couple of times to make sure I fully understood what I was reading…. I never appreciated just how militant and organized this group is.

    Who is paying the bills for this lawyer ? Presumably he isn’t doing this work for free.

  2. Bizzar comment Bert.

    Eko Justice is on the list of Rockerfeller Foundation funded enviro groups. Why do you suppose they would want to support the well-being of the oil Industry in the US . . . but are against similar operations here in Canada. Does this cross the line? Are their actions treasonous?

    I remember the CBC a few years ago that pulled their hair out because the NRA was monitoring the gun registry debate in Canada . . . . where is the CBC today? Where is the other Canadian media?

    The head of NATO just accused Putin of funding the anti-fracking enviros in Europe to stop Britain, Poland and Ukraine from exploring for natural gas. All to protect Gasprom the Russian govt owned firm that supplies much of Europe.

  3. The process of reviewing the Enbridge Pipeline took longer than WW II . . . thousands of foreign activists spoke and it was given the go-ahead by the panel with 209 CONDITIONS.

    Now the Federal Govt has also approved with the condition that the 209 Conditions are met. And these enviro-loons are pulling out their hair.

    Every year that we do not have access to foreign oil markets, the Cdn govt loses over !5 Billion because of discounted oil sales to the US. Who makes the big money on this discounted oil? Is it the Rockerfellers’ Standard Oil?

    Canada has oil reserves larger than Saudi Arabia . . . we can either benefit from these resources which are in demand all over the world and will be for many decades going forward.
    Or, we can carry on without the thousands of Six Figure jobs, expanded revenue for Healthcare, social services, reduced taxes and improved pensions.

    • Norway Norway Norway
      Have we not learned anything yet?
      Look at Norway with 900 billion in the bank.
      Now look at Canada 600 billion in the red.
      What is wrong with this picture?
      Canada has a massive supply of natural resources that can be sold to reap the financial benefits to all Canada and Canadians.
      This can be accomplished if and I repeat only if carefull planning and complete control is exercised in the development and sale of our Canada’s natural resources.
      I am not against crude oil production,sale/export but come on.
      The Tyee and ex CEO of ICBC Robin** (a highly respected economist) illustrates how Norway was ridiculed and broadly criticized for “going it alone” in their controlled production and sale of crude oil,but look at Norway now who has all the profits and all the jobs and benefits for all of its citizens,with 900 billion in the bank.
      When Canada is bone dry(and it will be)down the road,in the next 10 -20 years there will be nothing left to sell in this country with only the wages that Canadains have earned,for stripping away our own natural resources,with foreign owned business’s will walk away with all the profits.
      Being greedy and the rush to export Crude and LNG with virtually no control or financial return just illustartes that Canada will be just another low cost gas station.

      • Norway is a tiny country, a little larger than Vancouver Island, with a population of about 7 or 8 million. They have limited areas to explore . . . and as a matter of fact Statoil does a lot of foreign exploration in other countries.

        To compare Canada’s vast area and huge unexplored regions . . . even Quebec may have enough oil and gas in and around Quebec to last for many decades . . . they just need the will to go look for it.

        Last year alone Canada lost 15 Billion in revenue because we sell oil to the US for a much reduced price. Who benefits from this cheap oil in the US . . . would it maybe be Standard Oil ?

    • So lets say no to Enbridge Northern Gateway and yes to a west to east pipeline and supply eastern Canadian refineries in turn end imported oil from the likes of Iraq.
      We don’t need to risk the coast of BC for China’s benefit lets maximize our resources.
      You may not know but up until 2008 the plan was to build a refinery in Alberta at the source of the bitumen , makes sense to me.

      • Supposedly those who want our resource- want the raw product for their refineries. So my question is – what would be the ramifications if Canadian crude was removed from the export market ie if we built refinery capacity to process all of our oil.
        I highly doubt that there would be no market for our product.

          • I would think there would be markets elsewhere in the world as well.

            I’ve heard arguments that refineries are expensive to build and are a risky venture. But this development should be no different than bringing a mine on stream where payback can be after many years of operating.

            I’m guessing the big stumbling block is the required endless environmental reviews and anticipated roadblocks put up by the anti-everything groups. Their delay tactics add immeasurable risk, years of delay and multimillions to getting anything up and running in Canada.

  4. “When Canada is bone dry(and it will be)down the road,in the next 10 -20 years there will be nothing left to sell in this country with only the wages that Canadains have earned,for stripping away our own natural resources,with foreign owned business’s will walk away with all the profits.”

    Canada’s KNOWN oil reserves will last 100 years, Natural Gas probably 200 years . . .

    Will something replace fossil fuels in the next century? Probably . . . so if we keep it will it become worthless?

    Foreign investment is required to develop our resources, they get a return on their investment . . . what do we get?
    We get Billions in royalties, 1000s of six figure jobs that increase the wealth of Canadians and the govts at all levels get paid taxes.
    It is a huge win for Canadians and Canada . . .

    You sound like a Charriot salesman in Rome . . . waiting for demand to boom . . . lol

    • Canada’s KNOWN oil reserves will last 100 years, Natural Gas probably 200 years . .

      Will something replace fossil fuels in the next century? Probably . . . so if we keep it will it become worthless?

      With Norway’s 900 billion dollar bank acct what is your perception of worthless?
      Additionally the 100 years of oil reserves that you claim are not substantiated.
      Additionally at the ever rapid increase rate of world consumption of crude that 100 year reserve could be readily reduced in 10 – 20 years.
      Respectfully to your opinion Dale you sound like a perfect politician ready to sell out our natural resources in the quickest and cheapest way possible,then grab the money and run,leaving a legacy of a baren stripped province for generations of Canadians to come.

      • RD . . . is there a difference between TODAY and a Hundred years from now? 30 years ago the mantra from the far left was “Peak Oil” . . . today we have more know oil reserves than ever.

        Norways bank account is not oil in the ground . . . it is OIL THEY HAVE SOLD!

        Keeping the oil in the ground . . . helps WHO?

        Building pipelines and exporting our almost endless resources creates thousands of good paying jobs today, balances trade with our Pacific Rim neighbors and puts Billions of Dollars in the cofferes of Federal and Provincial govts. Which will provide pensions, health care and services that are needed today, a decade from now and so on.

        There are more oil reserves in the Oil Sands than in the petro state of Saudi Arabia . . . should they have kept their oil in the ground? What do you suppose that would have accomplished?
        There is a real effort today by some of the world’s largest oil producers to keep Canada from competing in the world market . . . enviro’s who take their cash and cause disturbances are anti-Canadian and have become “Useful Idiots” to petro states and Standard Oil.

        There are over 800,000 kms of pipelines in Canada today . . . another 800 miles is not big deal.

      • A little information about Statoil . . .

        Statoil ASA, is a Norwegian multinational oil and gas company headquartered in Stavanger, Norway. It is a fully integrated petroleum company with operations in thirty-six countries.

        Got that . . . 36 Countries . . . .

        Statoil in Canada? We (Statoil) own interests in four producing offshore fields in the U.S. and two producing fields offshore Canada. We are one of the largest leaseholders in the deep-water areas of the Gulf of Mexico and off Canada’s east coast, and we possess a substantial portfolio of exploration acreage as both operator and partner. We also have exploration licenses in the Chukchi Sea in Alaska.

        Do you think they should come to BC RD?

  5. “The process of reviewing the Enbridge Pipeline took longer than WW II . . ”

    One spill on our coast and guess how long before all is well with the environment? Longer than WWII?

    • That’s a whole different discussion. Todays skillful port navigation and safe modern tanker construction has nothing to do with building this pipeline. Ship eggs to the supermarket by truck or horse and wagon? I know it’s simlistic, but if one of those eggs makes me sick, how it got to the store won’t be a part of the problem. Getting oil to this port will happen either be by truck, rail (current practice), or pipeline. There’s no comparision. I say enough of this “what if” stalling nonsense and get on with it!

    • 800,000 kms of pipelines in Canada TODAY Trev . . . they are the safest method to transport liquids on the planet.
      What spill Trev . . . there are tankers in Burard Inlet, tankers pling the BC coast every day of the year from Alaska and smaller tankers serving the towns and settlements along the coast. Where are the spills? You are an uninformed alarmist.
      Thousands die in car accidents every year . . . do you want to ban cars?
      Better stay in you house Trev . . . might get in an airplane crash if you travel.

      And Trev . . . millions of gallons of bunker fuel were spilled in the Oceans during WWII . . . is the world covered in oil today? The entire Japanese navy got sunk in the South Pacific . . . is it a disaster today? You are short of facts and long on scare. Typical socialist . . . .

      • Dale
        You obviosly have no knowledge of tankers,crude oil spills pertaining to Bitumen that must be diluted,heated to pump through a pipline that hardens very quickly at atmospheric temperatures,and hrdens almost instantly when subjected to cold coastal sea water.
        That cold bitumen then forms a hrd asphaltene layer that will sink to the saea bottom forming an impenetrable biyumen layer that cannot be recovered when the depth is over 250 – 500- feet plus.
        Notew that remaining volume of bitumen not recovered from a very shallow Kalamazoo River in the US.

        • Bitumen = partially processed crude oil . . .

          I have no knowledge . . . lol I have a buddy that was 1st mate on a tanker for decades . . . they are extremely safe today . . . and with Satelite technology called Dnyamic Positioning they are extremely manouverable.

          While Oil Sands oil is classified as a heavy oil . . . it is still lighter than Venezuela crude and California Heavy which are BOTH more Carbon Intensive. You schtick about it getting hard is just NONSENSE. As both Venezuela and California heavy oils are loaded into tankers daily and shipped far and wide.
          Asphalt is a man made product . . . what you are sayin probably came out of the Tyee . . . .

          One more time . . . . Bitumen = Partially Processed Crude Oil . . .

  6. This is an 8 Billion dollar investment in Western Canada. Thousands of good paying jobs.
    There has NEVER been an investment of this magnitude before.
    Canada’s future is trading with the fast-growing economies of the Pacific Rim . . . energy exports will create many thousands of jobs for many decades as well as put 10s of billions of dollars into all levels of Govt in Canada to pay for future generations health care, pensions and infrastructure improvements.

    The far-left antis are against good paying jobs, against a future for your children and against common-sense. They are Luddites from the past with no vision for a future . . . .