Shooting at Brentwood Mall

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A heavy police presence at Brentwood Mall Saturday evening as RCMP try to find answers after a man was shot.

RCMP say male suspects were seen running away after the shooting and even they have little information about what happened.

Kylie Marshall, who lives just across the street, went into the mall around 7:45pm and she says there was nothing going on then.

However, by the time she was coming out around 9pm, she noticed the heavy police presence.

“We noticed there was about, I’d say close to 10 RCMP vehicles in the front area of the mall parking lot, kind of near the entrance to the SkyTrain station and obviously police tapped off and there was an SUV kind of in the middle looking like it had been abandonned.”

RCMP say the victim has non life threatening injuries.


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  1. Mayor Moonbeam is now stating that despite the fact that the murder rate is declining, there is too much gun violence in the lower mainland !!

    Do you think ????

    But where was he when the SCOC gut tied the tough on crime legislation from the Conservatives. ? Why haven’t you heard him pushing to ensure that there be tough minimum sentences for any offence committed while carrying a gun ?

    Oh right… The Vision Party is a progressive , forward thinking bunch , that look to ensuring public safety by making everyone ride a bike , and by ensuring that all community centres have their bank accounts liberated and shared across the city .