Liquor Policy relaxed for farmers markets

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Liquor Policy relaxed for farmers markets

Just in time for the summer weather, local farmers’ markets are one of the many places the new batch of Liquor Policy changes will affect.

Some of the biggest changes in liquor laws in B-C’s history are now coming into affect and they may just change things for your summer outings.

“We have updated the rule book so that beer, wine, cider, and spirits can be sampled and sold at farmers’ markets around British Columbia.”

Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Suzanne Anton goes on to explain another change coming into effect is in an effort to bring families closer together.

Pubs and legions can now apply to allow minors in with parents or other adults but must leave by 10PM.

These changes come after happy hour and new minimums have been placed on drink prices.


  1. Why would I want to spend more time at the Farmers market ? Shopping is an activity to get done as quickly as possible so I can get on with life ?

    I get it …. If I hang around the market longer, I might spend more money !

  2. They should go back to the old way, a Provincial Government run liquor store.

    Monday to Saturday 9-5 with one open in various jurisdictions with extended hours until say 10:00 pm.

    Less required police road checks, less overtime for the police and Court time. It would also do away allow us to go back to simply the 24 hour suspension, rather that all these elite clubs the police have to make a quote to join.

    But oh no there is solid dollars now in making available to the public an over abundant supply of booze.

    • I completly agree. The thing is though, that so many pushed for this during the time of guaging public response the government caved. Hopefully most people will be responible enough to handle the changes.