Facilitator books out of teacher contract dispute

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Education Minister Peter Fassbender says facilitator Mark Brown has booked out of the teachers contract talks.

He says “I think it’s because Brown felt the union had lost confidence in him”.

BCTF spokeperson Rich Overgaard says this is not a bad thing, rather it’s because the dispute is moving to the next step with the request for a mediator.

Yesterday, Education Minister Fassbender rejected the union’s latest contract demands but did not accept or reject the call for a mediator.

This is day 4 of the full-scale strike by teachers.

No contract talks are planned today.


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  1. fastspender thinks “It’s because Brown felt the union has lost confidence in him”!

    The union actually has any confidence in anything snookums or fastspender have anything to do with in the first place?

      • Dale it’s fair to point out that in 2001, teachers did negotiate a contract with the government. In exchange for reduced class size, they agreed to accept no increase in pay. This agreement was legislated away by Christy Clark. In those circumstances anyone with a brain appreciates the injustice. That is the root of our problem today. The Liberals refuse to address it. Hence the Supreme Court Win, and now the appeal.

  2. Well this is a no brainier. Summer holiday time for him as well.. lol
    Should the Government apply for the speeding up of the Courts decision?
    Maybe the courts will rule that you were wrong to take away with out asking the Teachers BCTF, that you want to roll back this clause in their contract, but the courts may say in favor of this miss use or miss understanding of ramification, it is the Minister of Education as the Boss or Employer to control the method of which the schools Are operated. Just a thought!

  3. The comments above demonstrate public education has failed many students, now adults. No critical thought, no effort to understand the relative positions of the parties. Essentially just trolls repeating one side of a story. They deliver their comments like losers, not winners. Too bad, they may just get what they want – a down population who is incapable of reading and forming their own opinion, just repeating the opinion of others in a sort of smart a$$ way. Pathetic.

    • Hey Lorax, why don’t you and your ilk try to understand the Taxpayers position.
      Typical BCTF, everyone should do what you want.
      If you, and I know you can’t, understand what this Union has done to the Teachers of B.C. you deserve everything you get.
      What are you going to do when the Gov’t. doesn’t bail you out of this mess, by Legislation? I honestly think they are going to do just that. Nothing.

    • @lorax. All I hear from the teachers is from the same script that iker is reading from. Talk about no thinking, the teachers are walking around like zombies chanting the same mantra. The only time you guys try to think for yourselves is when you resort to name calling, then you get a little creative when you try and bully people who don’t agree with your thinking.

    • Lor . . . was there a time when the BCTF actually got along with anyone?

      When was that Lor? Why do they always elect the most radical types to lead their union? Speaks volumes at the lack of intellect in the profession I suspect.

      • Dwight/Ray, thanks for making my point, nothing new, nothing original. Trolls following a script they don’t understand. Keep at it, I enjoy the laugh!

        Dale, on the other hand, rightfully points out the BCTF has been adverse to most governments. They advocate for education which governments do not like to fund; children don’t vote and parents don’t make the difference. It’s not about greed, but about need!

      • Dale, BCTF leaders are radicalized intentionally by governments. It’s a transparent effort to shot the messenger rather than dealing with the message. Unfortunately, because teachers are generally caring and kind, they cannot see past the politics of deception and every leader is portrayed as radical; it suites the purpose.