Milk board called into question about handling of cow abuse incident

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Milk board called into question about handling of cow abuse incident

A BC dairy processor says the decision to destroy around 90-thousand litres of milk a day from an embattled Chilliwack dairy farm is unprecedented.

The processor – who did not want his name used – says it’s clear something needs to be done, after staff at the farm were caught on camera abusing animals.

However, he says “First of all, there is nothing in the act that indicates that anything that happened in the farm in question was contrary to the act, those are under different legislation. For an offence against the act, a corporation that’s convicted of an offence against the act is subject to a penalty of not less than 50 dollars but not more than 5000 dollars.”

He says the BC Milk Marketing Board and Saputo are dealing with intense consumer pressure, but the destruction is a waste.

Earlier this week the Milk Marketing Board said it was no longer accepting milk from the farm.


  1. Agreed that destruction of perfectly good milk is a waste. And if Saputo and any other processor bowed to consumer pressure that is a good thing. While the organization charts indicate that processors are somewhat removed from the problem, there is always the nagging feeling that someone within Saputo may have had prior knowledge of alleged animal cruelty in the dairy sector. So why take a chance?

    Compare this with another corporate PR disaster-at GM, we are to believe that the warning bells did not go off in anyone’s or one engineer’ head that when ignition switches inadvertently move to “off” certain functions such as steering, braking and air-bag deployment may be compromised? When this is something that every driver knows about or should know? GM’s Operating Manual probably contains a warning of severe injury or death if the ignition switch is turned off while the car is in motion. GM, at its peril, ignored customer concerns and is now paying the price.