Public feedback sought on Independent Investigations Office

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Public feedback sought on Independent Investigations Office

The BC Civil Liberties Association is keen to weigh in on the province’s police watchdog, as public consultations open today.

Executive director Josh Paterson says his office plans to urge the Independent Investigations Office to investigate police-involved sexual assaults.

“It only has responsibility for injuries that result in death or serious bodily harm. If sexual assault does result in that kind of an injury or death, then it’s covered, but otherwise it’s not. And we’ve always said that that was something that was left out, that that was a mistake.”

Public consultations are open until September.

An all-party committee of MLAs will review the results.

The office opened in 2012, with its first case being of Greg Matters, a former solider shot to death by police in Prince George.

The IIO cleared the officers of wrongdoing in Matters’ death, but this week appointed a civilian monitor to review that finding.



  1. Can you describe whitewash ? The outcome of this exercise is all too predictable…..regardless of input from citizens fed up with there being different standards of law for the police, the IIO will be found to be doing a good job, and some trivial recommendations for improvement will be made.

  2. The accountability of policing is simple, it is just that the RCMP et al continue to shoot people in the back.

    The police can not truthfully investigate their own members actions, at least to me and the general. Having been a police officer I can see why this is extremely problematic to do both from reading the media and from an internal view.

    This import that heads the IIO should be replaced and sent packing back to where he came from.

    There are plenty of B.C. Provincial Court Judges that would easily fit the bill, and I would select a hard ass on reputation.

    It amazes me that the USA always has a better solution to a problem than the solid talent pool we have in both B.C. and Canada overall.

    A person or a prisoner shot in the back truly deserves a lot of scrutiny and it seems that the IIO finds this acceptable.

    A very sad statement to how our tax dollar is spent.