Happy hours, minimum drink prices now in effect

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Happy hours, minimum drink prices now in effect

You can now toast your team at World Cup, or drown your sorrows, for less at bars and restaurants across the province.

Happy hours are back on the menu and minimum drink pricing come into effect today, as the government overhauls the province’s antiquated liquor laws.

That means establishments can change their prices throughout the day, as long as a minimum of three dollars is charged per drink. The government says that would get you a single-ounce cocktail, for example, five ounces of wine, or a 12-ounce sleeve of beer.

Also in effect today: new changes to help cut red tape and simplify the liquor licensing process. Customers who just want to order drinks at a food-primary establishment can do so now, without having to order a snack.

So far, 14 of 73 recommendations to change the liquors laws have been implemented.


    • Only the ones that can afford a car and alcohol The ones that drive after drinking get what they deserve! Happy hour and zero tolerance, not the status quo of today for the entitled.

    • Ted . . . are you saying the residents of BC need the govt to help them though life?
      The fact that most “normal” folks can go to the bar and have a few drinks and get home safely is the NORM !
      What is the matter with you socialists? Do you need someone to hold your hand as you stumble through life? It is Irrational to equate happy hour with accidents . . .

  1. Perhaps we should follow the German model? Any of you ever been to Germany?
    Drive down the Autobahn, as fast as you can . . . wow ! ! !
    Stop for fuel at a gas station . . . walk into the store to pay for your gas . . . and WHAT do you see? The store sells Beer, Wine, every kind of Hard Liquor you can imagine.
    Does Germany have a problem with drinking drivers?

    Perhaps its time the population of BC actually Grew UP and became responsible adults . . . just sayin ! ! !

  2. I finally agree with you on something Dale. We have the slowest speed limits around . it’s all about a cash grab for government, in many but not residential areas the limit is20 to 30 km to slow. I’m not a big drinker but wouldn’t have 1 drink and drive , you might get a 24 road side suspension from a cop with no recourse. I’ll spend my money in liquor when I’m down south.

    • We also have some of the poorest drivers on the planet Paul . . . and that will never change. I have driven in many countries, it is a pleasure to drive in Germany, Denmark, Sweden . . . their qualifications for licensing are much higher than here.
      These high standards ensure that there is always a large pool to support public transportation in these countries.