Pot activists sue City of Surrey and BC Ferries

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Pot activists sue City of Surrey and BC Ferries

The City of Surrey and BC Ferries are being sued by a group trying to legalize marijuana in this province.

Transit police have already offered assurances Sensible BC canvassers will not be harassed when they try to collect signatures, but the two organizations facing legal action have refused to make the same commitments.

The group’s Dana Larsen says the lawsuit isn’t about money.

He says, “This is probably going to cost us money. We want to make sure that in the future, if we have to try this again or anybody else who wants to engage in the democratic process, that they’re not have their Charter rights violated by these groups that seem to think that they have the ability to stop us engaging in the democratic process.”

Larsen says, when BC Ferries staff called police, the RCMP declined to make any arrests.

Surrey has a bylaw banning any sort of canvassing or signature-gathering in public spaces and he says that violates human rights.


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    • I don’t think they are “protesting”. I believe the story reads that they are suing for the ability to gather signatures in public spaces in Surrey and on BC Ferries properties.

      You may object to the legalization of cannabis, but that is irrelevant to what this suit is about. This ban applies to all initiatives, even ones the “sane and normal” support. Do you think that is fair in a democratic society?

      • Thanks, but I don`t want to be hassled for a signature when in the line up for, or on a ferry. Whether I support them or not is irrelevant. Find somewhere else to collect your signatures please !

        • I think this is the kind a participation Democratic societies should support. With less than half you boobs and your children even showing up to vote. Our so called Democratic Society should applaud folks that will spend their own money to to advance our rights. Your politician certainly won’t.

  1. @Murray,

    I don’t touch the stuff but I care and I am a sane and normal citizen who doesn’t believe in criminalizing anyone for the use of this substance !

    The fact that you don’t care makes you a worse citizen than most !

    • Dex…You misread me. I don’t care whether pot is legal or not, what I care about is the fact that people are clogging up the court system will irrelevant and inane issues. We are getting more and more like the US. If you can’t get your own way either shoot or sue your antagonist !!!

      • Murray, I didn’t misread you at all, how is jailing people for pot an irrelevant and inane issue ? … It does not help society at all and it costs taxpayers money to deal with a so called “threat” that isn’t one at all !

        Next time your sitting down with your alcoholic drink of choice Murray try to visualize what it would be like to go to jail for drinking it just like the law once said !

        Let’s start freeing up jail cells for murderers so they can actually spend a real life sentence behind bars or drunk drivers or rapists or pedophiles etc etc…

  2. What does his sign mean ? Equal rights ? This is not about freedom, equal rights, charter of rights this is about the right of a drug industry to exploit the young and prosper off addiction. It is about some people – a few people getting very rich. No one wants another legal drug the likes of alcohol or tobacco that costs so our society so heavily. We have to live with alcohol and for the time being tobacco but we can curtail another addictive drug that will take so much away from the most vulnerable – the young. Drug addiction is not about freedom it is in fact the complete opposite. Only 9% of adults in Canada use marijuana whereas the youth rate is three to six times as many and they are the ones we are trying to protect. Dana Larsen is a media hound and will anything to get his face and his illogical signs into the press. Who is funding his campaign and legal suits ? Look for the money – follow the money and you find the greed of the marijauna industry that is no better than big tobacco – which will claim the life of one billion people in this century – one in two users – do we really want another BIG TOBACCO and the equal rights of both alcohol and tobacco – the right to get them young and keep them hooked. When New York City parks went tobacco free Camel posted big signs and ads that read “take back your freedom and take back the greatest city in the world.” Playing the freedom speech is very old tobacco rhetoric borrowed by BIG Marijuana – don’t fall for this trap or this garbage. DRUG ADDICTION IS NOT FREEDOM. MARIJUANA ADDICTS ONE IN SIX KIDS YOU TRY IT AND IT RUINS LIVES JUST LIKE ALCOHOL AND TOBACCO.

  3. @Sam and ChrisM, you may want to get your facts straight before you start ranting like complete lunatics ! …

    Pot does not claim lives like tobacco or alcohol does, in fact it saves some and it is not addictive as you claim, that is also a fact !

    I really do think its also a fact that you need serious phyciatric attention or maybe you just forgot to take your meds, which I am sure are much better for you than a joint !

    • actually I do know what I’m talking about …. maybe if you took the time to talk to some of the crack addicts that live in the DTES and ask them where they got their start … its a pretty common story … pot , booze and then on to the hard stuff .
      Its also been medically proven that pot affects your memory … hopefully you can get some help and get off before you are another statistic in the story .

    • Lady on cknw last week admitting she’s addicted to pot. Has to smoke it everyday etc. There have been pot heads who have made outrageous claims like it cures cancer, well if you guys really believe that then good luck but they probably would have broadcasted that loud and clear. I’m no doctor, but I can’t see how breathing in any type of smoke can be all that healthy for you.

    • Its humorous whenever you come across one of these threads on the web. The “facts” that are tossed around are almost laughable and its usually from the opposition…not always but usually. The legalization of the substance is going to do more good than bad and if you disagree then you are truly mislead. The availability of the product to the consumers would change minutely. Joe Blow can walk down virtually any street in our Province and pick up from a local dealer, its so readily available as is. Legalizing pot would take it out of residential neighborhoods and put it in stores much like Alcohol. Where do you want it being dealt from, beside the elementary school or in an adult establishment much like liquor? Do you want our tax money being wasted on the policing and jailing around pot, or completely abolish the issue by taking it out of their hands and having the government profit from it? FYI pot is not chemically addictive like Nicotine in tobacco and hard drugs. A few people have been sited as having a mental dependency on it much like anything people abuse such as alcohol and cake.

  4. With comments above makes me wonder who is on what. The question here is should all citizens have the right to partipate in the democratic process on public proprty? If your against it then dont sign it but dont stop my right to sign it if I choose to sign it. I have smoked it myself but I think it is time our laws are changed where our tax money could be spent on policing real crimes.

  5. Most posters here have totally lost the plot. This article is NOT about the legalisation of marijuana. It is about an elections BC sanctioned petition and its canvassers being harassed by local councils, companies and police who do not support the petition. This is the same as a Conservative candidate at a provincial election being told to get off public land. Democracy must be seen to be supported by all people even those who have opposing views.