Ontario teachers give BCTF $1 million

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Ontario teachers give BCTF $1 million

The BC Teachers Federation is getting a financial boost of $1 million from their counterparts in Ontario.

Sam Hammond, president of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario, says they took this “unusual” step to support their sisters and brothers on the coast.

“It’s not common but these are very uncommon, unprecedented times in British Columbia and we know better than anyone, having gone through what we went through and our members went through here in Ontario.”

The BCTF’s strike pay fund has run out and teachers are feeling the pinch during the full-scale walkout, which began this week.

Hammond says his group also wants the BCTF to know it doesn’t stand alone.


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  1. “what we went through and our members went through here in Ontario.” ?

    They spent millions backing the corrupt McGuilty Govt and were well rewarded with taxpayers loot after the election.

    Looks like the BCTF in BC just backed the wrong horse . . . . lol

    • This is only the beginning, wait until unions throughout Canada come to terms with the consequences of the Liberals attack on organized labour and the consequences of the Court of Appeal and potential Supreme Court Action. Not smart of the Libs to ignore the “safety net” theory of politics!

        • Nonsense, the Liberals have gone to war with teachers – ripping up agreements and passing offensive and suppressive legislation solely to avoid lawful contracts. This is the stuff that dictatorships are made of.

          • Back in the 80s the BCTF could not get along with the Socreds.
            Back in the 90s the BCTF could not get along with the Dippers.
            Today in the new millenium they can not get along with the Liberals . . . .

            Starting to see a pattern here Lor?

          • Dale, there’s absolutely no truth to your comment! That’s a public perception you and the rest of your Liberal pals have successfully portrayed – it’s a falsehood. But I note you have agreed that the Liberals have ripped up their contracts as stated earlier

          • I WAS THERE Lor . . .
            They were Legislated back to work by the Socreds . . .
            They were Legislated back to work by the Dippers . . .
            They WILL be Legislated back to work again . . . .

            The BCTF is a group of far-left fools that will NEVER figure it out . . . .

    • Dale, as I thought, the Liberals would have treated the teachers more favourably is teachers had donated money to them. That explains why corporations are treated so well. Thanks for the insight!

  2. After Christy and Fassbender turned down Iker’s request for a payday loan, it’s nice to see their union brothers toss something into the tin cup. With 40,000 members that’s 25 bucks a head but I suppose beggars can’t be choosers. Luckily it is enough for a six pack, a pair of Dr Scholls inserts and a lotto ticket ….which stands a better chance of fruition than their union’s delusional demands. I do pity the teachers so I hope the moderate majority regains some control over their loonie leadership before they are all led like the German army for what was suppose to be a quick victory at Stalingrad.

  3. What a complete waste of money !

    Hey Sam Hammond, why wouldn’t you and your members donate that money to people actually in need ? … Really is an idiotic decision for a group of people who are supposed to be well educated !

  4. 1 million dollars would go a long way to help the underprivileged in Ontario. I’m sure there’s a few still there that haven’t migrated to BC. Someone making 70k a year doesn’t need it quite as bad as someone making 7k a year. Guess it’s all about priorities and it shows where Ontario’s teachers are.

    • In answer to your question. Unions, like governments, keep their internal business confidential. This court action has a lot of financial support. The war chest of the BCTF will be finely tuned, not only for the BC Court of Appeal, but also for the Supreme Court of Canada. Word has it there are currently briefs submitted by unions, not just teachers, ready to intervene in the Supreme Court Action. It will be interesting.

  5. Your government in BC must really have a problem financing services. I thought you were a have province. Things have finally changed and we in Saskatchewan are finally the place in Canada for prosperity! We pay our teachers well and respect them.