Man behind Translink’s troubled Compass Card moving on

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Man behind Translink's troubled Compass Card moving on

The man who’s been the guiding force behind Translink’s troubled Compass Card program is leaving his post.

Mike Madill, vice-president of enterprise initiatives is taking a vice-president’s job at Coast Mountain Bus Company. His duties will be split between two other people.

Madill says it’s always the plan to “transition” out of his job.

The transportation authority’s program for a smart transit card has been plagued by massive schedule delays and cost overruns.

The total budget has grown from $171 million to $194 million, and the card was supposed to roll out last fall to all customers. Some transit users have been testing it out, but Translink now looking at this fall for a full roll-out.

Madill is confident the program will still go ahead, saying the glitches are “waiting to be resolved but we’ll get there.”

The agency says it’s still working on when the Compass Card will be available for everyone.


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  1. And there are actually people who believe this. Not the fact that he is leaving but the fact he is leaving to let somebody else clean up his mess!

    • Yup! If I could have one dollar, JUST one dollar, for each time we have been told we have to PAY for the BEST AND THE BRIGHTEST, I would be living on easy street.

      It is THIS that makes me sick and want to vomit.

      • Why did they try to reinvent the system when there are transit card sysems that are actually WORKING all over the world? Close by Seattle, San Francisco, NewYork, I think even Toronto. That’s beside some sysem that been used for perhaps ONE HUNDRED years in Paris, London, Budapest, Buenos Aires, all those public transport sytems manage to collect fares from passengers without a glitch. So we get some talent coming up with a system that DOES NOT WORK and cost over-runs.

  2. The Compass system was designed to extract the maximum revenue per paying passenger. The farther a rider goes, the more they will pay. Just increase the fees the motorist pays, keep the mayor obstructing traffic and increasing parking revenue and they won’t have a choice. No wait, they’re already doing that.

  3. Oh if the Compass Card could just make riders both safer and feel safer.

    The “Fat Cats” at Translink are plentiful.

    Man a sorry story Translink is given the price of admission.

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    May even apply to politicians!