Urgent appeal for blood issued by Canadian Blood Services

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Urgent appeal for blood issued by Canadian Blood Services

Canadians are being asked to donate blood, as soon as possible.

The national inventory hasn’t been this low in more than five years and this is already the worst time of year for Canadian Blood Services.

During the summer, more than 10,000 appointments need to be filled every week and the situation doesn’t usually warrant a nation-wide plea for donations until August.

O-positive and O-negative are the blood types needed most.

You can book an appointmnt online at blood.ca or call 1-888-2-DONATE.

As reported in the past, it takes 50 donors to help someone injured in a crash and more than five donors for each cancer patient.


  1. these stories are awfully tiresome considering I have been willing to donate for over 25 years now but CBS won’t take my blood because I am gay. I live as clean a life as most folks, don’t drink or use drugs but outdated policy will ensure some might die instead of having my life-giving blood donation.

    So cry me a river CBS.

  2. You would think a phone # for one to call to donate would accompany this news story. I am O positive and have tried to donate many times, but I have not been able to since University.